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Apple starts selling both refurbished Apple Watch series 1 & 2 via it’s online Store



Apple started selling refurbished iPhones via it’s online refurbished store a couple of months back. And now the company has started selling refurbished Apple Watch as well and to both series 1 & 2. So with this, it is the first time that the company has made refurbished watch models available since it was launched last year. With the launch of the Apple watch series 2, the series one price were slashed down a little, however, if you still thought they were high, then this is pretty much your best bet. And not just that, even the Series 2 watch which the company launched just a couple of months back, is also available in the refurbished condition.

Apple is offering both the watch models for a noticeably discounted price and both the sport as well as the stainless steel variants are available. You can get the Apple watch series one sports version for as low as $229 for the 38mm model and the bigger variant i.e. the 42mm model comes in at $249. The series two sports model, on the other hand, starts at $309 for 38mm and increases to $339 for the 42mm. The refurbished stainless steel model overall stays on the high-end of the pricing. The refurbished stainless steel model starts at $469 for the 38mm and goes up to $509 for the 42mm model which is still a lot considering that you are still buying a watch.

While Apple is selling the refurbished watch models at a discounted price, it is worth noting that the same watches can be purchased from other third-party sellers for even less price. And yes, not to forget the fact that you are getting new watches in this case. So it all depends on what you are looking for and how much are you willing to pay. And considering the fact that it is the first time that Apple doing something like this, we believe the stocks could be limited and if you are planning to buy one, then we suggest you pick one right away until the stocks last.

Talking about the Apple watches, both the watches are powered by a dual-core processor with series 2 watches being slightly better in terms of performance. The series 2 Apple watches also comes with built-in GPS, improved water resistance, etc. While the differences are quite minimal, it is safe to go with the series 2 watch at this point in time since the series 1 watches seems more like a poor option now given the fact that the series 2 watches offers these new features. With that said, it is upto you and you are free to decide what you want. If in case you are planning to buy them, then head over to Apple’s website to get yours.


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