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Apple Seeking Engineers to make its Own Modem Chips: Report



Apple has been more inclined to make its own hardware and software components that have proven to be the best combo ever since. Be it Macs, iPhones, Watches and so on. As for smartphones, while the rivals of Apple depend on Qualcomm for their flagship devices’ CPU, the Cupertino giant has its own ‘A’ series chipsets, where A12 Bionic is the latest one in the lot.

However, Apple has relied on Qualcomm for its devices’ modems earlier and later shifted to Intel after the dispute with the industry’s leading chipset maker. Apple might be changing that soon; it certainly appears so, the company is reportedly in plans to make its own modem chips as well by looking for new hardware and software engineers in achieving it.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple, this month, has listed at least ten job postings for chip design and wireless component maker related positions in Qualcomm’s home base of San Diego. However, this isn’t the first time from Apple to hire from its contemporaries; it had previously done with Intel as well.

What this means is Apple is undoubtedly trying to make its own modem chip for its devices in the future instead of relying on third-party makers. This approach isn’t unusual for Apple as it is an already known fact that Apple would be making its own processors for its Macs by the year 2020. Similar would be the case with the future iPhones as well with this new strategy.



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