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Apple plans to launch three iPhones next year including a special model with glass design



We have heard a lot about next year’s iPhones from Apple. Judging by the previous rumors, it looks like we will be seeing a special edition dubbed as the 10th Anniversary edition iPhone as well which will mark the 10th year from the launch of first iPhone ever. However, according to new reports, it looks like we will be seeing a total of three new iPhones next year which will include special edition iPhone as well. The three new iPhones models are designated as D20, D21, and D22. And out of the three, two are likely going to be named as 7s & 7s Plus which will be a minor departure from the existing iPhones.

However, the third iPhone is expected to be the special edition variant which is expected to come with a glass design. This special edition variant codenamed ‘Ferrari’ is also expected to sport a borderless OLED display with an embedded fingerprint scanner. There are a lot of other features as well which we expect them to pack here along with wireless charging, etc. But since we don’t have many details to confirm the same, we will let leave it for some other day to discuss once we have some more info on them. According to the reports, it looks like Apple is going to play around with the internal of the next year’s iPhones.

Apple’s supply chain sources claim that the special edition variant of next year’s iPhone will have a different type of internal logic board. It looks like this iPhone’s internal logic board will be divided in two different part of equal size. Both the parts will be connected using a ribbon cable. The first board will feature some of the essential hardware components as the A11 chipset and the NAND flash storage, etc. The second board will house the cellular components and the SIM card tray will be relocated as well. The SIM card tray will be relocated towards the bottom part to make room for internal components. This new board design is nothing new since they are already using it with the iPad Pro.

Do make a note here that all these are just rumors and early set of speculations. We don’t have any confirmation from the company on this. But it is highly likely that we will see all these changes next year considering the fact that this is not the first piece of information that we are getting. With that said, we still have a lot of time until we actually see these devices. Hence we will be seeing more info them very soon so we suggest you stay tuned to PhoneRadar for details on the same as we will update once we have more info on this.


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