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Apple loses Case against Beijing company for “iPhone” Trademark Dispute



A few years back, Apple had settled the iPad trademark dispute in China by paying more $60 million. Along with the iPad, there were also many cases against the iPhone trademark since many Chinese companies have registered for the iPhone trademark. While there is also an iPhone trademark dispute in Brazil, the company called as Gradiente Eletronica had won the case. In 2012, the company also launched the Android powered Gradiente iPhone. However, Apple had applied in the higher court and where it had ordered South American company to share the trademark with Apple in Brazil.

Apple had settled most of the trademarks case all over world but not in China. In 2010, Apple has settled the iPhone trademark dispute with Hanwang Technology maker of e-book readers. While there is one more case against the Apple from the maker of leather products. Last month, A top court in Beijing had rejected the final appeal from Apple over the iPhone trademark which was ruled in favor of Chinese company. As of now, there are no clear instructions on the court’s order; we guess Apple had no chances left to fight in court.


Now Apple needs to settle the matter directly with the Chinese company. The about page of the IPHONE website also hints that the company is willing to the share the trademark with Apple. Earlier this month, Vyooh, an Indian software maker had filed a case against Apple over the use of “SplitView” term. The court had Apple not use the SplitView in any of its products in India. Apple had the launched the multitasking feature called SplitView with the latest iPad Pro where you simultaneously use two apps. Apple had appealed against the decision and is waiting for the result.

We have contacted Apple over the issue and still waiting for the reply.


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