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Apple is looking to take wireless charging to a whole new level with the iPhone 8



Apple just recently launched the new iPhones a couple of months back. One of the most expected features which the company ditched this year as well is wireless charging. Wireless charging is something that is that is there on a couple of Android smartphones since forever, and it is one of the best feature ever. Once you get used to wireless charging, then there is no going back to regular charging method using the adapter. And now after all these years, we expect Apple to get on board this new technology and bring something new here.

Talking about something new, the next-gen iPhones are expected to come with some new changes like we have never seen before, since the first iPhone, the reason being it is going to be the 10-year anniversary for the iPhones. We are already hearing a lot of rumours and speculations surrounding the same, and it is expected that we are going to see some new design as well. But some of the new reports claim that the new iPhones will come with wireless charging as well. And it looks like Apple is trying to go a step beyond. Yes, the next-gen iPhones will have a uniquely different type of wireless charging that will make life much easier than you think.

As of the now, the wireless charging solutions that we have are basically putting your smartphone on a dock and it will start charging. This is something that we have been seeing on the Galaxy devices as well. But according to new reports, it is expected that Apple could implement wireless charging that would let the iPhone be charged from a distance up to 15ft. Impressive right? This is expected to be made possible using transmitter plugged into a wall socket and a receiver embedded in the iPhone. The technology is being developed by Energous.

Now you might that these are just speculations and probably not going to happen. While we can’t confirm the possibility of this happening, but there are few signs that suggest that this is definitely happening. Energous has previously reported that they are working with a “tier 1” smartphone manufacturer. We are guessing it’s either Apple or Samsung. But, the company has also received a $10 million investment from Dialog Semiconductor. Dialog semiconductor’s top customer being Apple, this all kind of comes together as one and makes a lot of sense.

Well, although Apple might be working on a wireless charging solution, we can’t confirm if the company will implement it with the new year’s iPhone. Maybe we will be seeing the wireless charging on future iterations of iPhones. Hence we suggest you take this info with a pinch of salt and stay tuned for info on this on Phone Radar as we will update once we have some firm info to be reported.


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