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Apple likely to replace 16GB with 32GB as the base models for the upcoming iPhones



According to rumors, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus will be launching sometime in September, and we have already covered a bunch of rumors and leaks about the device. Now according to a new report, it is claimed that the company is making some changes in terms of storage options on the upcoming iPhones. Last year when Apple announced the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, consumers were not really happy given the fact that the base model had only 16GB of internal memory.

If you are living under the rock, then you probably don’t know that the iPhones don’t have microSD expandability and the internal storage is what you get for your files and media. With a device having a camera capable of shooting videos at 4K resolution, the offered memory was rather less. This was probably company’s way of luring people into buying a more expensive model with the 64GB or more storage. But if you own an iPhone with just 16GB of storage, and you need some more space in your device, then Photospace app might work for you.

But this year, apparently the company decided to listen to consumers, and it is expected that the next iPhone variant that will bel launching around September, will have 32GB of internal memory as the base model. This is not the first time that we hear this rumor, but this time, it is coming from a trusted source. It is also expected that the company might also bring a 256GB variant for its next flagships. However, this seems more unlikely as 128GB storage sounds just about fine for an iPhone.

And given the fact that the prices of these models are definitely not going to be on the cheaper side, maybe the 32GB or the 128GB will be the most preferred option for users. However, all these are just rumors and early speculations, and we have confirmation on any of this. But it is highly anticipated that Apple will ditch the 16GB variant for good and start the base model with 32GB. Let us know what do you think? And stay tuned for more information on the upcoming iPhones.


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