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Apple to launch only one iPhone 8 variant with OLED Display due to supply constraints



Since the beginning of the iPhone 8 rumour trail, the one thing which we all are hearing a lot about is the iPhone 8 with an OLED display from Apple. While we aren’t sure about what is going to happen, analysts are predicting multiple things. And now according to the recent reports, it looks like the OLED panels will be exclusive to only one variant of the iPhone 8. Well, this indirectly means that there are going to be multiple variants yet again this year.

According to the source, the company will be launching a total of three iPhone 8 variants out of which, one of them will be a premium variant with an OLED panel and all other goodness. On the other hand, the other two variants will come with the same LCD panels which we are already used to till now including iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. In fact, the display sizes will also remain the same for these two other variants. Well, this is not bad by any means, however, more the number of variants, more difficult it will be to choose among them.

With that being said, now you may ask why not slap an OLED panel on all the variant? Yes, that’s what we even thought until Bloomberg reported that there aren’t enough OLED panels to go around. If you are a novice, then you might not know that Apple doesn’t make their own displays to go with their iPhones and iPads, etc. They usually get it from third-party manufacturers and Samsung as of now has an exclusive deal with the Cupertino, tech giant. However, even Samsung makes it’s own smartphones, and apparently they want displays to go their smartphones as well.

If for instance, Samsung only has the potential to manufacture a million of these displays, they have to use for their own devices as well as supply to Apple as well. And hence things becomes quite complex at this point. While Samsung has the potential to produce the required quantity here, it looks like Apple is playing safe. And this makes a lot of sense since the last thing wants a lot of demand which they cannot meet. Obviously, when you are talking about a new redesigned iPhone, the demand is definitely going to be way more than one can imagine.

Do make a note that these flexible OLED panels are not that easy to make. Unlike the ordinary Super AMOLED panels, these are made out of plastic instead of glass so that it can be bent to make them go from front to the sides like we see in devices like S7 Edge etc. This might disappoint many since people would have expected all the variants to come with an OLED panel. Also, if this is going to be a premium variant, we can expect some premium pricing as well. But no surprise there since it is also being confirmed that this variant will have only display on the front without any bezels. And now we just have to wait and see what we get. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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