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Apple iPhone SE could be a Hit with 47% of Global Smartphones below 4.5″ Display



The Cupertino giant is poised to introduce a small screen sized iPhone, possibly named iPhone SE (Special Edition). For the past couple of weeks, we have seen the rumour mill going high up for leaking the information about the latest iPhone device, which is supposed to be announced at the Apple Special Event. But have you considered why when everyone is going nuts by bringing in smartphones with as much as 6.8-inch size (yes company is calling that a smartphone), Apple is going backwards with a 4-inch handset.

It is a fact that would be shocking everyone who had seen the 5.5″ Displays to be the most common size in most devices launched in the last two years. This is also the same fact that according to Strategy Analytics would be an eye-opener to almost everyone because the report says around 47% of the Global Smartphone Sales are for Phones between 4.0″ to 4.99″ display. And that surely seems like a good reason to announce a handset that is priced for emerging market and falls under this screen size category.

Global Smartphone Sales by Display Size

But the new 4-inch iPhone won’t be any cheap as some alleged it to be, essentially because it’s an upgrade from iPhone 5S, including the current generation A9 and M9 processors. It will come with Apple Pay and hopefully, the new camera features that company introduced on their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The price range according to the industry experts is around $400-450, which still makes it approachable to Indian audience who is keen to get their hands on the latest iPhone.

Company with this new handset might be looking to penetrate the pay as you go markets in the United States and Europe. As much as they might be gunning to move up in the list, in fast-growing markets like India. So, it can be hoped that the Indians would be seeing this new handset sooner than later, and they may be included in the first batch roll out after today’s announcement. What are your thoughts on this? Would you be interested in getting yourself an iPhone with 4-inch size


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