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Apple iPhone 8’s Facial Recognition Is Said To Scan A Face In Millionths Of A Second



Apple‘s iPhone 8 rumors and leaks are getting out of hands now. By now, probably even you are waiting for the new leaks and rumors to stop, but it doesn’t look at it is going to stop anytime soon. Earlier today, we had reported about a new leak which shows the display assembly of the smartphone. We saw how there is a possibility of the iPhone 8 having a front-facing flash or a second iris scanner, etc. However, now we have a new report which talks about how fast the facial recognition will actually be.

According to a report published by Korea Herald, it looks like the speed of the facial recognition is not going to be an issue. Considering the fact that the iPhone 8 is not expected to have TouchID, it is essential that the facial recognition should be fast enough for the people to use it as an alternative to the extremely fast TouchID. And the report suggests that the facial recognition will scan the user’s face in ‘millionths of a second.’

The report notes that the 3D scanning on this phone will be highly accurate at scanning and be identifying your face as well. It looks like this will allow it unlock the phone by scanning, even if the phone is placed on a flat surface, etc. The report also says that the iPhone 8 will not curved edges and instead, it will have a flat bezel-less panel. It looks like this decision have been made to make the device thinner. Yes, who wants a thick iPhone anyway, right?

With all that being said, we hope that the 3D facial recognition technology is quite good at what it does. But considering the fact that the TouchID is extremely fast, users will have a learning curve here to get used to how it works and how long it takes to unlock the device. But it is also worth noting that Samsung has done a good job with the Iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 and hence we hope that Apple would have done a commendable job as well.

Meanwhile, you can let us know what do you think about this. Would you be rather comfortable using the TouchID or the 3D Facial recognition? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on by leaving a comment down below.

Via – 9to5mac


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