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Apple iPhone 6s Live Images Leaked, Confirms the Design and Some features



Apple iPhone 6 Plus Camera

Updated, June 30, 9:50 : The new Apple iPhone release date might not be right around the corner, but we surely can have the glimpse of the rumored iPhone 6s in the newly leaked live images of the device. With the courtesy of 9to5Mac, we now know what the next generation iPhone would look like. The alleged images of the iPhone 6s are reportedly obtained from a source within Apple’s supply chain, which is as real as it gets.

Looking at the leaked images, one can be sure if these are true images, then it is rather unsurprising that the design is kept same as in the current outgoing models. The new iPhone is supposed to have the same thickness and width too. Moreover, the Space Gray color scheme of the housing we see in the images is same as the one in the current iPhone 6.

However, when the final product comes out there could be some subtle changes that we would see as the device is in the early production phase. We may see darker Space Gray option, just so that it could match with Apple Watch. While talking about the internal of the 6s, it would be quite different from the current market model. It would sport new mounting points that would accommodate a different logic board.

Conflicting to the previous rumors, this revelation from 9to5Mac confirms that the upcoming device won’t feature the dual-lens camera system that people were all excited about. As the layout of camera and flash would be identical to what is found on iPhone 6. The Cupertino giant is all set to reveal their next flagship smartphone in September. So, expect some more leaks/rumors till the release date comes near.

Earlier, June 6, 9:00 : Apple has not been behind numbers for most of the specs, and one of those areas where they had no huge upgrades, was the camera. It was an 8MP camera with little changes done in the iPhone 6, when compared to the previous flagship. But, why the 8-megapixel shooter was enough for a device that was able to challenge most of the flagships of last year, was the software optimization, as well as the large pixel size to allow light to pass through, and finally come up with good pictures.

Update, 6/6/2015: According to fresh rumors, the iPhone 6s will be released in the market on September 25th, though no light has been thrown on the announcement dates. Again, these are just rumors but the sources seem to be the ones who claimed things that were bang on in the past.

A senior executive of IHS Technology confirmed now, that the next iPhone, i.e. the iPhone 6s (given how Apple names its devices), will come with a new 12-megapixel camera on the back. It was already rumored that the camera is going to get an upgrade, but now, the confirmation comes in, to make it more of a known feature of the upcoming smartphone.

While the iPhone’s camera still was good enough to compete the flagships, there are certain areas where the camera module couldn’t help the software enhance the functionality. One of them, is the 4K video recording, which was not possible with the current 8MP sensor. Almost all the competitor flagship smartphones are now capable of recording 2160p videos.

Though, even if that is not the reason, camera is something Apple might want to concentrate on this year, given how the LG’s and Samsung’s counterparts this year are said to lead the race with the camera quality.

Just like the trend goes, Apple is expected to name the next iPhone, as the iPhone 6s, and there will be a Plus edition as well, like the iPhone 6 Plus last year. There is no upgrade expected to screen size, and to keep the camera module on the back close to what it is, there might be a compromise in pixel size, but we’re talking a bit too early and will await for some leaks.


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