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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease issue will cost you 9,900 INR, Not a Free Repair



Last week Apple addressed an issue with the iPhone 6 Plus smartphones which many users were facing with the display. Termed as Touch Disease, user reported that the display was becoming unresponsive and they were even noticing some lines across the top of the display. The company addressed this and said that they will be offering repair services for the same. While this was announced in the U.S, now the same has been reported for India also.

If you are in India and you are facing some issues like this, then all you have to do is get your iPhone 6 Plus to the Apple store and get it repaired. However, the process will cost you some amount and it is not free. If you are willing to get it done, then it will cost you 9,900 INR. While this is not a small amount, but it is still a discounted price which would otherwise cost you a fortune to get the display fixed in other cases. If you have already paid for this service previously, then you will be getting a refund of the difference amount. If you want to know more about the same then head over to the source link and get more info on this.


Earlier – A couple of months back, many iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus users were experiencing some touchscreen issues with their devices. It was called the ‘Touch Disease, ‘ and it resulted in an unresponsive display and horizontal flickering gray bar across the top of the screen. Not a pleasant experience right? Well, now the company has finally decided to address the whole situation. Yes, now the company is offering a reduced cost repair for the users ith the issue. Thank you, Apple!

Originally when users reported this issue to Apple, the company didn’t really think it was that big of an issue to revert maybe. Hence the users with this issue had to get it sorted with a third-party repair expert. Well, this resulted in these third-party repair experts earn a lot of money, the company on the other found itself standing with a class action lawsuit which was filed against them by the affected users. And now after all the chaos, Apple decided to turn back and address the issue.

Yes, now they have indeed agreed that the problem exists and is also offering a repair program. Do make a note that this repair is not for free of cost and it will cost you $149. And when you dig deep inside the reason for the same, while Apple is saying some different story, the third-party repair experts are clearly saying that the issue is the result of some sort of problem with the controller chips that turn touch inputs into signals.

There are multiple theories surrounding this issue itself. Few are of the opinion that it is manufacturing defect while others are saying that solder balls used on the motherboard have cracked, resulting in the controller to loose contact with the board. If in case you have dropped your iPhone a lot of times, you could be facing this issue. Well, with that being said, we hope that this kind of problem doesn’t exist with other devices from the company like the iPhone 6s or the newly launched iPhone 7. That is the least we can expect from them.

And talking about the company and its manufacturing process, it has been reported that Apple is looking to make the iPhone in America itself. While this news is not confirmed as of now, the new reports point to a possible situation. This idea has reportedly come up in the wake of Donald Trump becoming the President-Elect of the U.S. Well, coming back to the news here, if in case you own an iPhone 6 Plus and you are facing some issues like this, then you should quickly get it repaired it from the Apple Store. You can check with the source link for more details on the same. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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