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Apple HomePod Firmware Confirms infrared Camera & A Bezel-less Display for iPhone 8



Apple‘s upcoming iPhones are expected to debut sometime in coming months now. Although there are a ton of rumors out there, none of them have been confirmed or it is safe to say that there was no strong evidence proving any of those rumors are true. However, now we have a new report today, which claims that Apple’s upcoming iPhone or at least one of them will have an infrared camera for face unlocking and a bezel-less wraparound display.

Yesterday, Apple accidentally pushed the firmware for the HomePod out and obviously, a few developers managed to grab it in time and started understanding what it was all about. The firmware indeed revealed a thing or two about the upcoming HomePod, but it has been reported that it has also confirmed a few other details about the upcoming iPhone. The developer Troughton-Smith went on Twitter and has confirmed a few of these details.

According to him, the HomePod firmware reveals the existence of upcoming iPhone’s infra-red face unlock in BiometricKit. There are a bunch of lines of code for “BKFaceDetect” and it has been reported that “BK” could mean Biometric Kit. And as we all know, Apple likes to use fancy terms like Kit for most of their developer tools and this could be just another one of those. It looks like there’s also a reference to an infrared camera. An infrared camera can be used to detect the face even in dark condition, which could be used to detect and unlock the face even at night time.

There’s also an image which shows the design of the iPhone (well, sort of). The display seems to match all the speculations out there. This makes us believe that at least one of the iPhone will definitely have a bezel-less wrap around display. Now, after all this, it is just a matter of time until we get some official announcement on the same. Talking about the other two iPhones, those are expected to be very similar to the ones which we have right now in the market. Having said that, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.


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