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Apple Could Shift to OLED Displays for all its Future iPhone models



Apple has shared a long history with the LCD displays ever since the launch of iPhones. iPhones are known for its Retina LCD displays, which competed with the LED displays from the rivals. However, since the LEDs have become OLEDs are have become much better, Apple had finally tended to shift to OLED panel – thanks to the iPhone X. The latest iPhones – the iPhone XS and the Xs Max have also been featured with the newest OLED panels as well.

Apple still hasn’t shifted to OLED panels completely, the latest entry-level iPhone – the iPhone XR still has an LCD display panel, which the Apple calls it – Liquid Retina Display, has been facing a lot of criticism for its price and what it is supposedly offering. The sales of the XRs haven’t also been great this year, the LCD panel of the iPhone XR is one of the prominent reason for the lower sales. Consumers aren’t interested in LCDs anymore, and new reports suggest that Apple might have known that as well. A new report has revealed that the Cupertino tech giant has decided to ditch the LCD displays entirely in favor of OLED displays.

According to the report, Apple’s upcoming iPhone XR’s successor this year would be the last iPhone to feature an LCD display panel. The future iPhones, i.e. by 2020, all the iPhones are reportedly to feature OLED panels similar to what we have seen in the flagship variants of the iPhone X and Xs devices. This shift certainly hints Apple’s design plans for the upcoming iPhones and adding to that; the competition is already gearing up to radical design changes especially with the displays (flexible displays, for instance).

Early reports suggest that this year iPhones design elements would more or less be the same, which means the notch would still be present and we would also see the LCD display iPhone XR successor as well. We can expect the complete shift to all iPhones with OLED panels, not until 2020. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more interesting updates!



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