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Another Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone catches fire, this time in a cup holder



Samsung has been in the news lately for their upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, which is far better than being on top of the headlines for an exploding smartphone. However, the new reports which we have from the U.S might not be a good news after all. A 27-year old senior student at Old Dominion University states that her Samsung Galaxy S7 caught on fire while it was inside a cup holder in her car. Shaunique Lamb says that she saw smoke blowing out from her phone while she was driving the car.

The incident could have been a lot worse since she was driving the car and she could have lost control of the vehicle as well. Lamb says that the phone was not even connected to the charger and was only connected via Bluetooth as she was listening to music. Apparently, the incident took place on February 23rd. As soon as she saw the smoke, Lamb pulled off by the side of the road to prevent herself from getting injured.

While Lamb managed to escape the tragedy and saved herself from any injury, she couldn’t do anything to prevent the financial damage. Upon taking the burnt phone to Sprint store from where she had purchased it, they told her that she has to pay $200 to procure a unit. It is also worth noting that she had Asurion insurance plan for the same and still she had to pay the amount. Lamb said that she got in touch with Samsung but was hesitant to contact further as the manufacturer wasn’t responding properly on this.

Samsung reverted back stating that they are yet to examine the device physically in order to check what happened. The company also released an official statement on the same where they said that “They stand behind the quality & safety of the people who are a part of the Galaxy S7 family. They are working with Lamb to retrieve the device and learn what happened. Until they obtain the device and analyze it, it is impossible to determine the true cause of the incident. According to them, the smartphones are complex devices and there are many factors which can cause the malfunction.

As of now, we don’t have much info on what exactly happened and we suggest you stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more updates on the same.


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