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Android Wear Users Are Reporting Various Issues With Google Assistant



Android Wear has been struggling to keep up with the competitions a lot lately and now we have received some reports which state that the platform is showing most number bugs than ever. All thanks to the latest update which was pushed to the Android Wear. According to the users, the new update has essentially rendered the Google Assistant useless.

Various users have reported issues with the Google Assistant. Apparently, it looks like, after the new update, the Assistant is failing to respond to the user queries and serve them with the required actions. And we are talking about the basic tasks such as setting a timer, sending text messages, etc. The same has been reported on forums by a ton of Android Wear users. Google immediately responded to this. One of the community managers said that they have identified the issues with the Google Assitant for Android Wear and they are working to fix it.

Soon after that, it was again updated that they have addressed all the known issues and they have made a server side update for the same. According to Google, all these issues were fixed and if the changes were not being reflected, it was suggested that users should update their Google app to the latest version i.e. 7.8. However, even after updating and following all the instructions, it looks like the issues are not yet fixed.

As of now, Google has reported that the team is still working to fix the issue. It is unclear as to how long it will take for them to iron out all the bugs and get the Assistant working. According to them, the users will be notified via an e-mail, once the issues are fixed and the watch is ready to be used normally. Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. If you are using an Android Wear watch, then be sure to let us know about your experience. Have you been facing this issue? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below.

Via – 9to5Google


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