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Best Android Apps for Kids aged 3 years



Best Android Apps for 3 Year Olds

These days children like to play a lot of games right from their early years while what they seek is fun and entertainment. But you know that could always find an app for your kid to learn something while he enjoys the interactive on the app. Though, there is one issue you’ve been facing that you aren’t able to find genuine on the Google Play Store. Since, this store is hugely populated with tons of apps that it is difficult for you to find a good set of apps for your toddler. Well, that’s why you’re here, and we have an interesting list of apps to show you so that you don’t wander on the Google Play Store anymore.

Note: This list would frequently be updated if we found apps that are worthy to recommend our readers.

All by MySelf – Little Critter

All by MySelf - Little Critter

An interactive book app, this depicts the work of Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter Book. The books convey a message through illustrations that Little Critter doesn’t do everything perfectly, but he always gives the best effort one possibly can. This type of interaction would encourage your child for literacy skills as the narration is of the high essence. Your junior can learn new vocabulary every day when he taps on the words as well as objects to say their name aloud.

Kids Learn to Read

This app shows your child a pretty interesting way to frame the words using Tommy the Turtle. Therefore, it is fun and entertainment for your junior as well as a learning experience at an early stage. Children learn to blend the letters guided via the sound into the formation of words. To do that, Tommy the Turtle has to be moved across the letter bridge as each letter is collected and sounded out, which is then formed and pronounced on the app.

Toddler Tapping Zoo

A good development of your child’s motor skills at the early stage would allow your junior to distinguish sounds, associate sound with images. Since, toddlers love repetition, seeing & hearing the voice of the animals over and over, would help them learn to distinguish and associate very quickly. This app will keep them entertained while the parents can spend some quality time for themselves.

Madagascar Preschool Surf n’ Slide

Madagascar Preschool Surf n’ Slide

This is an ultimate adventure in learning, as your child would get to play with Madagascar gang. If you’re familiar with the movie, then, you would know that your junior would like to play alongside Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. In this game, players have to surf down the slides as they learn swarm of preschool skills on your smartphone. The app offers 18 extensive lessons across 6 topics including Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shapes, Animals and Critical Thinking as well.

Alphabet Car

A go-to app for your kid to learn the alphabets, words and spelling of the big words, all this is done in fun and entertaining way. Your toddler would have to use the phone as the steering wheel to drive the bus towards the correct letters in order to complete the words. There are more than 40 levels that range from easy to hard, and what’s more interesting about this app is that your child can personalized the car.

Kids Connect the Dots

Kids Connect the Dots

Connecting the Dots is a fun thing to do for a toddler, but this app has made a game out that concept, as when your child would connect the dots, he would find an object, fruit or an animal hidden in it. It would be revealed when all dots are connected for that object. The app features more than 90 adorable dots connecting the cartoons. You can use the numbers or alphabet letters to connect the dots. The app is optimized for phones and tablets, so you can install it on your any Android device.

Preschool Basics

This game of flash card would allow your child to develop motor skills with pre-school basics. Your junior can select the options out of five different flashcard decks, which includes letters, numbers, colors, shapes and words. The app would narrate each object and would explain what is in the deck, all your child would have to do is sit back and interactive with the app, and he will have the fun time. You can shuffle the cards deck to increase the difficulty.

We’ve put great efforts in building the above collection of apps, and would really like if you help us expand this list into something from best to the greatest collection of app for 3 years old kids. Left your feedback in the comments section below.


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