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Best Android Apps for Kids aged 2 years old



Best Android Apps for 2 Year Olds

Children requires dose of entertainment and educations in their early ages, and as a parents or guardian wish to sit by their side all during the day, it is hardly possible, as they have work to do and have a bit of time for yourself. But there’s good news for those worrisome people. Your smartphone and tablet can be your friend at those times, as kids love playing apps if they are fun.

There are thousands of apps available for kids on Google Play Store, although, all apps are not equally fun. Some would only entertain your kids for short while others will push them to make expensive in-app purchases. There are some kid’s apps on the store that aren’t inappropriate for young ones. So, we’ve spent trawling through the Google Play Store to search best apps for kids aged 2 years old. Below is the list of apps that we found to be best among all the smartphone.

Note: This list would frequently be updated if we found apps that are worthy to recommend our readers.

Sing and Sing Lite

SIng and SIng Lite

A sing along app allows your baby to sing with the adorable Baby Sign animated characters and learn nursery rhymes. The Old MacDonald’s farm is available for a sing-along. The App offers three types of play, one is where your child can explore the signs while second one allows you to play song, and third one is a tutorial that’ll guide your toddler about sign used in the rhymes. Remember, the app uses keyword signs from American Sign Language (ASL)

Snail Bob

The fun game for your toddler, the snail bob allows your child’s imagination to flow. The physics-based strategy game is slow enough for your children to understand it. The aim of this game is to guide the snail to the exit. In order to do that your toddler would have to get to the exit as quickly as possible. That can be done by pressing buttons at right times as it controls the mechanisms of snail bombs.

Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn

This is one of the early genuine app developed for toddlers now packs more features like multiple language support of Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish and French. Suitable for multi-lingual families, you can work with your child to teach him the names of animals and what sounds they make. Your toddler will surely love to open the barn doors and finds out a new animal behind it.

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

Solving a puzzle at a young age would allow the faster brain development of your junior. This is the puzzle app that is perfect for him. Every puzzle piece is named, so your kid will build a vocabulary too while playing. The App offers narration by professional actors, as well as it supports pronunciation in two different English accents (US & UK) and a Chinese language. Your toddler is rewarded with four new mini-games when he successfully completes the puzzle.

Starfalls ABC’s

Starfall's ABC's

This is an app that’ll teach the alphabets to your toddler in a fun and entertaining way. Originally, this app was in a form of a website called and was loved universally for its simplicity of explaining and teaching the letters. With delightful sounds running in background matching with the words shown on screen, your toddler would easily love it right away. They’ll learn the letters quickly and would develop a learning habit around it.

TallyTots Counting

This is an ultimate app to teach counting lessons to your child. The app offers number games, matching games, as well as puzzles, to teach your toddler the basic numbers and counting. With this app, it would be fun for him to open the app and find & learn a counting with different perspective every time as the child develops one. Overall, the app includes 20 amazing mini-games and counting puzzles.

Kids Finger Paint

This painting app allows features tons of fun and season backgrounds to color the canvas. Your junior can start finger painting once he spins the color wheel to choose color. The prompts are made easy so that young mind can understand it quickly and play along. You change the brush sizes just by adding pressure to your fingertips, and shake the phone once you want to erase the artwork. There are backgrounds like balloons, butterflies, castle, and dragons.

After installing any of the above apps your junior would like to spend his/her quality time playing on the smartphone. These above apps are fun to play around and would also develop the basic abilities on your child flourishing his/her mind. Also, we would like you to contribute to the list if you have any good app that is fit for the above list.


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