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Best Android Apps for Kids aged 1 year old



Best Android Apps for 1 Year Olds

Being a geek, I’ve been asked to recommend products now and then while on social media those peoples are mostly strangers or fans of our blog. But when it comes to family, I’ve been asked which apps are great for kids by my cousins. Right then, I was not able to recommend any apps because I haven’t tried those categories of apps. Learning from the experience I have compiled a list of apps that would allow you to recommend top apps for the toddlers.

Personally, we think that kids should not be allowed to use the tablets or smartphones, as they should be rather playing with physical toys. But if your junior is not listening to you and still demanding for a smartphone or tablet to play around, then as a parent or guardian you should make the most of it. Below, we have listed some of the best apps available for kids on Android platform aged 1 year old. The second app is really amazing as it helps in developing the brain of your junior.

Toddler Fun

Toddler Fun

This is a most basic app you will come across and is helpful in developing hand-eye coordination in an early stage. The app comprises of four mini games for your toddler, whenever the junior touches on the device, something entertaining will happen. Your junior would be able to make something colorful and entertaining. As he uses the app, he will become a master using his fingers, which would finally develop the hand-eye coordination.

Toddler Shapes

Learning shapes is a very important lesson to your child, because it would help them in understanding the same and different. The shapes act as symbols, therefore learning about it would make the strong foundation for learning the alphabets quickly as well as math skills. So, to learn about shapes, this app is a great way to learn and have fun while doing that. It will allow your junior to put shapes in the holes that have the same shape, which is just like playing with a toy where toddlers have to sort the shapes.

Toddler Colors

A toddler learns to distinguish and organize the distinct world around him by colors. Your junior would learn colors and it would prepare him for language, creative thinking, and arts. So, let the toddler play with this app, as it would teach about colors through music when pressing on colored buttons. With a specific voice for a color, he would identify the color while touching a colored button. This simple interface makes it easier for your child to understand the colors.

Zoo – Listen & Learn

Zoo - Listen and Learn

Learning, the alphabets is the first step to reading and spelling, this app would get your junior interested in learning alphabets a little early because it’s fun. In this app, animals from A to Z are shown in their characteristics & habitats. Along with alphabets, your junior would learn fun facts about the animals, as they make a rhyming sound. Moreover, this app is available in Spanish other than English language.

Talking Pocoyo

While these apps are meant for your junior to play by himself, but there are some apps that requires involvement of a parent or guardian in a more interactive manner, because nothing would play a better role in interaction than a human being. This app is based on a TV series character, the talking Pocoyo. It would allow your child to talk to Pocoyo, and he will repeat what your child says in a funny voice. Your junior can tickle him, dance with him and play musical instruments with him.

Moo, Baa, La La La!

This is an interactive book by Sandra Boynton, which would give your toddler a fun way to experience the reading. The love of reading is a very important part of life, and it can be instilled into your junior’s life very earlier. It usually involves reading a happy experience. But with apps you can make it more interactive & entertaining, as there involve pop-up surprises and fun colors. As you and your child go through the pages of this e-book, your junior will enjoy hearing animal sounds, as well as discover various objects in the illustrations. Therefore, making the reading experience with your junior a much better experience.

Farm 123 – StoryToys Jr

Farm 123 StoryToys Jr


Learning number and counting is the foundation stone of building the important math skills. This is an another interactive pop-up book, but with more fun than ever, as it packs dazzling animations, illustrations, and amusing sound effects. Your junior would love to play on this app as he will have to help Farmer Jo around the farm by playing with a farm animal, placing them in the pen, as well as washing them. The kids win stars as they progress through the game, as they reinforce his learning numbers 1 to 10 and the sorting concept.

This list would frequently be updated if we found apps that are worthy to recommend to our readers. And if you guys have any apps that you think is genuinely good then we would like that if you share the name or better a link with us. Give your feedback in the comment section below. Remember, you can bookmark this article to easily get back here when the list is updated.


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