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AMPY – A Wearable Motion Charger Charges SmartPhones while you Walk



Ampy Motion Charger

Just like smartphones, smartwatches and fitness bands are gradually becoming integral part of our daily routine life, as we enter into a more technological era, the importance of devices will keep increasing as we are getting more independent on them. Whether it’s a good thing or not, I will not argue here, but there is a need of a battery solution to all these devices, as they tend to run out of juice fast.

To tackle that issue at some extent, a Chicago-based company has come up with a wearable device called AMPY, which is now available on their Kickstarter campaign. It is capable of capture the energy from your motion, turning it into a power, which can be used to charge your phone or any USB-powered device. The more you run, walk, or ride your bike, the more energy it will be able to generate for your devices.

Ampy Motion Charger

Company has made this compact and lightweight enough so that users would be able to wear it or carry it in their pockets while running or walking. With its built-in battery to store energy, the device allows a substantial amount of charge to juice up your device.

How does it generate energy you ask? Well, it uses the simple principle of turning Kinetic energy into the electrical energy. With proprietary inductor technology, it enables the device to generate significant power while remaining compact, so it fits your life. The device houses a simplified circuit board, inductors and battery pack, which all together works to create a power source for your smartphones, smartwatches, as well as fitness bands supporting micro-USB.

The team has created a set of accessories, which includes armband, clip, and sleeve to carry or wear the AMPY motion charger, as it will allow it to generate the power. The device can store power of up to a week’s worth of physical activity.

The AMPY is up for pre-order at an early birds pledge discount at $75, and if you want to get accessories as well, you have to shell out few extra bucks for it. Company claims to ship the device next year in June. It would be interesting to see in the coming months that how many companies would come up with such wearable device, as there is already on in the market named QBracelet , which only supports the iPhone models, and the shipping for those bracelets starts in this winter.


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