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AmpStrip Band-Aid Sized Fitness Tracker Showcased at CES 2015 – Details



As a fitness tracker industry grows, we see the application of this technology in applied in various innovative products, and CES is the best showcase platform where we out to see these technologies demoed. This year was not different.

AmpStrip, the band-aid like activity tracker, is all set to disrupt how you monitor a patient. Now this combination of medical science and wearable technology might just be the thing useful in many scenarios.

AmpStrip Fitness Tracker

It is a piece of wearable technology that sticks onto your chest and monitors your vitals without needing any other fitness product at all. This might be the future or health monitoring, way beyond just fitness trackers being worn on hands or put inside your pockets.

Though, it would be very weird to stick it to your chest on a daily basis as according to the company, the ideal location is below your nipple.

The band-aid size hardware is an accelerometer, thermometer, and a heart rate sensor, empowering the device to be capable of monitoring heart health at accurate rates, as well as movement and activity.

To be noted that, you don’t stick the AmpStrip directly onto your skin. Instead you use a sticky pad which lasts for between three and seven days, depending upon your activities like workout. You have to stick it down properly, but it is said that it would hold firm even under water, which you can with AmpStrip on your chest.

The 3.5-inch long device is going through a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo and has already past its goal even though it has been just more than a week since the campaign started. Company promises to ship the $119 ($149 retail price) fitness tracker sometime around in June this year.

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