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Amazon Kindle 2016 Review – The Value for Money Kindle in India



Multimedia consumption is the way to go for many in this living generation. The combination of the audio and crispy video together is ruling the world today and is mostly preferred when it comes to getting information. But hey, if you personally prefer reading, then don’t think that you are alone. Still, a vast majority of people spend a good of time of their life reading, and if you are one of them, then you already know that there is no alternative to it.

Now when you talk about E-readers available in the market, there are a variety of different ones to choose from. There’s Kindle series which is very popular for its offering. Even Kobo has some very good options. Although the Kindle E-readers are very good, the only problem is the price. And this is where Kobo takes the cake. Anyway, that is something which we should be discussing in separate topics in future. Let’s address the elephant in the room first.

Why would someone pay extra just to buy a new e-reader, when you can simply get over by installing the application which is readily available in the market. Well, now it completely depends on person to person. For me personally, I prefer the E-Reader for the comfort of my eyes. The display in these readers goes extremely easy on your eyes and overall offers a great reading experience. So on the same lines, when you talk about an e-reader, the one which we have in front of us today might as well be the best option.


When we talk about how these Kindle series of E-readers feels in the hand, the experience is pretty much the same. So the 2016 Kindle which we have here is no different. Yes, it does comes with a few compromises, but all that can be easily ignored when you take a look at the price at which this one offered. For starters, this new 2016 Kindle comes with a 6-inch glare-free display with a pixel density of 167ppi. The fact that it is non-frontlit display might be an issue for many, but it does fairly good.

[quote align=’left’] 6-inch glare-free display with a pixel density of 167ppi [/quote]

And for all the specs junkies out here, one thing to note here is the fact that this new 2016 Kindle is 11% slimmer and 16% lighter. This not only makes it better than the predecessor but also makes it one of the best Kindle to handle. This new Kindle comes with 4GB of internal storage and also has 512MB of RAM. And as far as battery life is concerned, you will face no issues whatsoever here, as it will last you easily for about four weeks. The screen being a non lit display helps a lot with battery life.

User Experience

When you want to discuss about the user experience, the first thing to talk about is the display. So now let’s take a look at the display. The 6-inch display here is just like any other Kindle, and it will give you a good reading experience. And remember when i said that one of the main reason why i use a Kindle or any E-reader is the comfortable display? This one works just fine for me. Now one might argue that the display being a no-front lit (like other kindles like Oasis) will bother. If you are sitting near a night lamp or any place with even a little light, that should not be an issue at all. Also, setting this thing up for the first time is a breeze. If you have already used one of the Kindle before, then this no different.

But if not, even then it should be fairly similar. You will be greeted with a language selection option post which you will be prompted to set up your Amazon Account. And just like all the other Kindle devices, you can link your Goodreads account as well for an easy access to your social media account. And topping all off, the Kindle Ecosystem is the most obvious reason to buy this. Find pretty much any book you want, and as a matter of fact, you might get multiple options as well with different pricing. There is new Expert notes feature which will allow you to send the notes and highlights to the user’s email. However, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker since this feature will be readily available to older Kindle users as well via software update.
[quote align=’right’] The new Kindle 2016 also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options [/quote]

And throughout the usage of this device, you can manually adjust the size of the text as per your wish and go back to the previous selection as well. This might feel like a huge feature but definitely comes in handy as multiple users can have a different preference. The new Kindle 2016 also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options as well. And if you think that the added Bluetooth feature is not going to of any use, well you are wrong. Yes, it might not be of much use to everyone, but it adds Bluetooth audio for accessibility, so visually impaired readers can hear VoiceView audio. However, this feature is not available in India, so this is something you should consider before purchasing.


So the ultimate question is, is this really the one for you? Well, if budget is not a constraint from you, then you can probably go with some of the other offerings from the company which can give you a slightly better experience. The Kindle Oasis is a great choice as well. If you don’t know much about it, then you can learn more about that device here in our full written review. But for the mainstream folks, if you are in the market for an E-reader, to begin with, you cannot go wrong with the new Kindle 2016.
[quote align=’left’] if you are in the market for an E-reader, to begin with, you cannot go wrong with this.[/quote]

As a matter of fact, you might be so pleased with the experience here; you will not think about switching to any other unless it badly needs a replacement. And believe it or not, it is a lot saying about any piece of technology today. And yes, not to forget about the price tag here. For about 6000 INR, you probably cannot find any other e-reader which will guarantee such a pleasant experience. But if you already own any other E-Reader and are planning to give Kindle a try, then this might not be the best option, to begin with, what Kindle series has to offer.


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