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All-New Tripper Navigation System On Royal Enfield Meteor 350



Royal Enfield has officially unveiled the all-new Meteor 350 in India. It starts at Rs 1.75 lakh in India and comes in a wide range of color options. The RE Meteor 350 is based on the newly announced J-platform and features an air-cooled 350cc engine and a double-cradle chassis. It is also the first bike from Royal Enfield to launch with a Bluetooth-based navigation system.

Additionally, there is also a USB port on the left of the handlebar to charge the smartphone and other gadgets. First off, the new Tripper navigation system on the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 adds a dedicated ‘Tripper Pod’ to the digital-analog instrument cluster. Moreover, the updated Royal Enfiled app now includes an entirely new section called Navigate.

The mobile app is available for both Apple iPhones and Android smartphones. Speaking of the technology, Royal Enfield’s Tripper navigation system is powered by Google Maps. Especially for India, Google Maps is the best available navigation app, even for countryside locations. The smaller Tripper Pod will display the turn-by-turn directions and offers decent brightness even for viewing under the bright sun.

To connect your smartphone to the bike for the very first time, open the Royal Enfield app and turn on the Ignition key. Since the Tripper navigation system works via Bluetooth, users should always keep Bluetooth enabled on their smartphone. Now, head over to the Navigate section in the Royal Enfield app and tap on the helmet icon, which should be in the Red color.

Once the bike (named as RE_DISP) from the ‘other devices’ list is selected. Now, users need to enter the six-digit code shown on the tripper pod on their smartphone. Once it is successfully completed, the helmet icon should immediately turn to a green color to indicate the device is connected to the bike. Users can enter their location in the search bar at the top or select the pre-selected route from the ‘My Routes’ section.

The app also allows to add up to 20 waypoints before reaching their final destination. The app shows nearby restaurants, fuel stations, cafes, and hotels with a single tap. Once the location is selected, tap on the ‘Get Directions’ button at the bottom of the screen. It shows the directions of the route on the maps along with ETA and trip distance. Now, tap on Novaigate to see the turn-by-turn direction on the tripper pod of your bike.

Once the app acquires the navigation data, the tripper pod will continue to show the directions even when traveling through an area with poor or no cellphone reception. The background color of the tripper will change from White to Black in Night mode. While there is also an option to record, it is not yet available for the public. Notably, there is even an option in the app to update the software of the tripper pod on your bike. The app also allows users to share their route with others as well. There are even options to avoid highways, tolls, and ferries. When not showing the directions, the tripper pod will display the time.


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