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AirVR is a Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and iPad – Details




While world is still waiting to experience Virtual reality on their smartphones, as Samsung announced the $200 Gear VR headset during the IFA week, earlier this September. While Oculus Rift is leading this wearable space, the small firms are coming up with their version of VR headsets.

One such product came into light is called AirVR. The team behind it wants to turn your iPhone as well as iPad into a virtual reality tool. This new wearable tech takes its principles from Google’s Cardboard, which was a Do-it-Yourself VR set given to six thousand developers who attended this year’s Google I/O Keynote in June. It was established that the device was incomplete and had certain features missing from its interface as you won’t be able to control the device once you attached it to your Android 4.4 Kitkat enabled phone.


Though, Google didn’t make its Cardboard VR available for sale, but it made an impact among the developers and enthusiasts. Now with AirVR coming up with an affordable price starting at $49 CAD, consumers sure have a chance to experience it on a low cost. Company has recently posted its campaign on Kickstarter and is looking for crowd funding to start production of its VR so that it can be mass produced.

The ergonomics foam pads and adjustable ballistic nylon straps make sure that you get a comfortable fit. The headset makes use of the built-in battery of the iPad mini and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the 64-bit processors and the Graphic systems of the devices, which ultimately allow users to experience the vivid 3D world. That’s not it; the AirVR also makes use of the range of sensors like GPS, digital compass, wireless networking, microphone, speakers, camera as well as a barometer and proximity sensors on the iPhone6 Plus.

The most interesting thing to note about this AirVR is its ability to provide an easily controllable touch interface, which was the basic issue we experienced on Google’s Cardboard. The AirVR Touchstrip allows users to have rich and effective touch interface, allowing them to control the functionalities easily like accessing the apps and games while wearing the VR the headset. Company is also releasing an SDK for developers, which will allow them to develop virtual controller apps for iOS as well as Android.

AirVR Interface

Company doesn’t stop with a great interface as the content is also important to make full use of the 3D virtual reality this device can provide. Currently, three dedicated apps will be available for the VR headset, which includes PhotoVR, MovieVR, and the PanoVR App. Where PhotoVR App will let you experience the photos from your personal collection in a whole new dimension, the MovieVR will let you have an immersive experience while watching 3D and HD movies on it. The PanoVR App will enable the luscious 360° view, which can now be experienced with this app.

The device sounds great on paper, as it would be interesting to see how it performs when company start to ship in December 2014. The early birds users can get this device at $49 CAD, which approximately converts to $45 US Dollar. With an affordable and comfortable headset, AirVR is aiming to outrun the recently announced Samsung Gear VR, which will be only compatible with the Samsung Note 4.

Source: Kickstarter


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