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Airtel 4G Vs Reliance Jio 4G Tariff Plans Compared – Validity & Most Expensive Packages



The most awaited news of the Official launch of the Reliance Jio is finally here. Yes, it is finally here in all its glory, and now it looks like Reliance has given enough reasons for consumers to get their SIM cards and join the network. In case you missed all the action that happened this morning, then you should check out the official Reliance Jio announcement first and see what all they are offering. Now with that being said, let’s talk about the tariff plans which Reliance is offering and see how it fairs well against some of the competitions in the country.

If you take a look at the tariff plans, then you will notice that it doesn’t make any sense to compare all the tariff plans with others for voice calls, messages, etc. Why? Because is Reliance is offering all that for free. And no this is not just for the preview offer, but for the lifetime. So no more paying for voice calls or messages. That leaves us only data charges and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss here today. So starting things off, let’s compare the data packs which Reliance is offering with some of the offerings from Bharti Airtel.  Airtel is one of the oldest and biggest player in the telecom industry and hence now we will see how Reliance is going to survive against them. First of all, check out this speed comparison video which we did earlier, when the Reliance Jio was rolled out initially.

Talking about Airtel’s data plans, the company offers different plans according to the region where you reside. Whereas on the other hand, Reliance is going to offer 10 basic plans which will be same for everyone, regardless of where you live in the country. We will be comparing the plans here according to the price and see what the competitor is offering for the same price.

When you talk about Reliance Plans, the base plans starts from as low as 149 INR and goes all the way up to 4999 INR. Users have the flexibility to select which one they want and accordingly you can go ahead and select it. Whereas on the other hand, Airtel offers data plans from starting from 19 INR and goes all the way up to 3249 INR (including combos also). So talking about each and every tariff plan won’t make sense. So let’s discuss some of the plans that might suit your needs and see which one gives you more value for the money.

Mukesh Ambani has now officially announced the Reliance Jio 4G Plans, along with Free All India voice calls & Roaming. The “JIO Welcome Offer” will be offering all the services for free till 31st December. Read More


When we talk about the validity of these packs, Reliance straight up gives 28 days validity for all its plans. So even you are buying a 150 INR plan, you will be able to use it for 28 days until you exhaust it completely. And same goes with the 4999 INR plan also. And when you talk about Airtel plans, then you get the 19 INR plan with 2 days of validity with 80MB of data. So essentially you are being forced to exhaust the data here.

Airtel also offers 115 INR plan with 285MB of data with same 28 days validity. There is also another plan which will give you 1GB of night data plan as well which will cost you 125 INR. But do make a note that Reliance is offering you free unlimited 4G night data with any plans ranging from 499 INR to 4999 INR.  Another plan that Airtel offers is 989 INR, which will get you 10GB unlimited data for 28 days. But again, you will be paying charges separately for voice calls, messages, etc. So, the 999 INR plan from Reliance is the best one here as it will get you 10GB data plus unlimited night data along with 20GB of data via Wi-Fi hotspots.

Most Expensive Plan

The most expensive data plan which Airtel offers here in Andra Pradesh costs 1855 INR. Do make a note; we are just comparing data packs only, and no combo packs are taken into consideration. So this plan will get you 15GB unlimited data @ 4G LTE speeds post which you will be browsing with limited speeds up to 28 days. And when you compare this with the most appropriate plan with Reliance for the same price, then you can get the 1499 INR plan. This will get you 20GB of data with unlimited night 4G data and up to 40GB of data via Wi-Fi hotspot. Yes, all this for just 1499 INR. This pretty much makes it way easier to choose. Note that this is not the most expensive plan from Reliance Jio.

Best data plan for an average internet user

This one is very easy to pick. Depending on your needs, you can select one. But we believe that the ‘M’ plan which is 499 INR will be the best option as it will give you 4GB of internet data along with unlimited night data and 8GB of additional data via Wi-Fi hotspot. All this for 28 days. And if you look for a similar plan in Airtel, then you can get the 655 INR plan, which will get you 5GB of data @ 4G LTE speeds. So when you compare solely on value for money, then definitely Reliance is going to be better.

However, do make a note of these points below –

  • The data plans from Airtel compared above are for Andra Pradesh circle only. You can go to Airtel’s official website and check for data plans in your circle. But all the plans and their values are more or less similar.
  • Also, we have been using the Jio SIM for about 3-4 months now and sadly we were not able to initiate a voice call with any other mobile network from a Jio network.
  • The data connectivity is not consistent at all time and all places. It will fluctuate depending on where you are and what the surrounding coverage situations are.

So if you are planning to do an MNP from other networks like Airtel then you should definitely consider all these points. And when you talk about Airtel’s coverage and data connectivity right now, then you can safely bet that it is way better than Reliance. So do consider all these points and choose a network that suits you best. Ultimately, consumers are the end users who will get the benefits.


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