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AirBar converts any Laptop into a Touch Screen Laptop – Available in India Officially



Update: We were tipped about the official availability of the AirBar in India through Amazon & we have just confirmed the same. All the 3 models of the brand are available under a lightning deal that offers you an additional discount. The last year 2016, Apple had officially launched new MacBook with TouchBar Feature but with this accessory, you can make your whole display a touch screen. Following are the models with the respective links for your reference. Do make a note that the lightning deal will be available till the first set of the units are sold.

If you have an Apple Macbook or a Windows Laptop without the Touch Functionality, this is the best accessory you should be spending your money on.

Earlier: What if I told you that you can convert your existing non-touch screen laptop into a Touch Screen laptop, would you be interested in it? Well, I for one would be keen to try that out. The Neonode has announced a new device that would bring the touch technology to your non-touch notebooks.

These days, many laptops are coming up with touch screens and functionally, the operating systems are getting more touch friendly. It’s always nice to have such feature on your notebook while traveling because most operations can be easily performed if you have a touch screen on your laptop. This trend is going mainstream as many big brands like Microsoft; HP and Dell now have laptops with Touchscreen technology. The recently announced Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book as well as Dell’s XPS and HP’s Envy series now include such options.

AirBar (3)

But with AirBar, that’s what Neonode is calling their latest product, would allow you to enable touch feature on your non-touch screen notebook. How is does is quite incredible! You put magnetically charged bar to the bottom of your computer’s display. And when it is plugged into a USB port, available on the system, it would begin to emit invisible light, which can be used to track movements and gestures. Those inputs would be translated into corresponding units.

Fundamentally, this small bar can transform any normal computer screen into a touchscreen. Quite amazing, right! All this without any physical changes to the screen. The company claims that it works perfectly even with gloves on as well as a bare finger. The device is plug-and-play and thus it won’t ask for additional drivers for computers. It can be detected and perform its operations easily running on Windows or ChromeOS. Note that it only has the limited functionality when comes to the OSX.

AirBar (1)

The only concern is that some laptops might not have room to accommodate the bar, let alone you decide to close the lid with the bar still placed. You would have to make sure you take the bar off its place before closing the lid.

The AirBar would be retailing at $49 when it is launched next month. Right now the company is only working on the size that would accommodate the 15.6-inch laptops, which would be later expanded. This product gives users a freedom to choose a non-touch screen and later add the functionality as the add-on.


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