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AI Enabled Health, Fitness Wearable Technology Boltt Opens early Sign-ups



We have seen a variety of different activity trackers in the market. All of them do the exact same thing, and that is to monitor your activity levels. Few of them offers better functionality as well like an application which is well put together etc. But when it comes to actual usage of the activity trackers, there has always been something missing here. The trackers do a good job tracking your activity, but after that what? All the data is getting stored, and you probably might be glancing it once or twice a day. When it comes to longer run, this data is not being used in a way it is supposed to be.

A sports start-up company called Boltt is here to solve just the same problem. The company claims to be bringing wearable & AI intelligence products that could change the face of global health. It is basically a wearable, coupled with an AI health coach which will help you get better with your fitness goals. Boltt has partnered with Garmin, the world pioneer in wearable sensors. Together they are working on unique sensor forms that capture all forms of body data (mechanical and cardiovascular).

So combining Science and Technology, the team has developed a Virtual Boltt Coach (B), a personality, that would take the form of a trusted mentor. It will guide the users, on their journey to fitness and athleticism. “B reads your Sleep, fitness, nutrition and activity data, stores them in one place; and give’s meaningful insights and guidance, on how to live healthier. They claim that their AI wearable advancement is exploring the future capabilities of the machines to replicate human thinking.

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Boltt’s coaching mechanism includes more than just tracking of data. It offers real-time coaching and feedback based on how one is moving. This helps users perform better and avoid injuries. It takes the form of a ‘real’ fitness trainer in gadget format, that responds to movements and pushes and encourages user’s during workouts via mobile applications. So this is something to look forward to, and we will definitely give it a shot when it officially launches. Meanwhile, you can sign-up at their website & stay tuned for info on this in the future.


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