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A Guide to Activate New OnePlus Roaming Feature on the OnePlus 6



OnePlus has recently rolled out its Open Beta 7 update of its Oxygen OS for the OnePlus 6 smartphone. The update introduced a new feature to the smartphone called OnePlus Roaming service, which is primarily a virtual SIM that allows users to surf the internet without the need for a local SIM or an eSIM in different country or region when you are on a journey. Any OnePlus user can enable this feature provided user needs to be on the Open Beta program. Keep in mind; this is entirely different from eSIM as it only allows you to surf the internet and does not allow you to take calls or whatsoever.

After registering on an Open Beta program of the Oxygen OS with your OnePlus 6 device, you can download the latest released OnePlus’ latest Open Beta 7 build on your smartphone. Do note that these builds are beta software and you can expect some bugs, and you will have an option to report them as well.

That said, after installing the latest Beta 7 build, a user can head over to the ‘Wi-Fi & Internet’ in the Settings section of your OnePlus 6 device. There, you can find the new OnePlus Roaming section – tapping it introduces you to a new HomePage, where you can find all the popular countries and regions listed. These destinations also showcase the starting prices of the roaming services across all the listed countries.

Furthermore, these roaming services in different countries offer several data packages as well. These packages vary from ‘day packages’ to ’10-day packages’ according to the respective regions. For instance, Hong Kong, China has data packages ranging from Rs 0 (for 30MB of free data) and all the way up to Rs 250 (for 1GB of data for 3 days). And, there’s also ‘Day package available’ that allows you to use unlimited 4G data at the cost of Rs 120 per day.

As for the US, there’s 30MB pack, and a 500MB pack (for 7 days) and a 1GB pack (for 7 days) provided at Rs 0, Rs 1200 and Rs 1600 respectively. As for the Day package, it includes a Rs 290 per day plan for unlimited 4G data.

Once you have decided the country/region and the respective package, you can purchase the pack with your credit card. Bear in mind, after the purchase of your desired data pack, and it needs to be activated within 30 days. After activation, every 24 hours will be considered as one day. Furthermore, after reaching to your desired destination, you need to head over to the same OnePlus Roaming mode from which you can activate the plan from your ordered list on the HomePage. And after that, you can surf the Internet at 4G speeds as per your package benefits.

As stated earlier, this is still in beta phase and if you want to enable this start by enrolling to the OnePlus beta program. Or, you can wait for its official release on your OnePlus 6 device sometime soon. However, this new approach from OnePlus is much appreciated as it reduces hassle or look for a local SIM and especially in a different country, which you have never been to before


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