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$99 OLO converts your Smartphone into 3D Printer, prints 3D Objects at Home



The world is obsessed with many technologies, and 3D printing would be one of them in the due time. But the world is yet to see a 3D printer that is cost-effective and portable. Well, you asked for it. A San Francisco-based company; OLO 3D Inc has developed a $99 product that can convert your smartphone into a 3D printer. Yeah, I know that sounds insane, but it’s apparently true.

The company designed it wants to manufacture it for the masses, and they need your help in doing so. The OLO is listed on Kickstarter now, and you can fund this project or not, but it has already way past its set goal. And there are still 28 days to go for this campaign to end. If you haven’t heard about the name of this product before you might be living under the rock all this time. The portable 3D printer has received numerous awards for its cost effective and efficient design, one of which is the Editor’s Choice at World Maker Fair in New York October 2015.

The OLO creators are looking to spread this amazing looking tiny 3D printer to the masses with the help of crowd funding. How does it work? Well, the company uses a new line of materials called Daylight Resins. The company is claiming that it is the first smartphone powered 3D printer, and it indeed seems to be. Weighing just 780 gram it is the truly lightweight 3D printer that can fit in your backpack and thus you can take it anywhere with you while traveling, including onboard flight.

Hey, you didn’t tell yet how does this thing work? Ohh, didn’t I. You put your smartphone inside the platform build for a smartphone and cover it up with the building film and other parts of the product. Now you use a dedicated proprietary app to command what models your want it to print and tada! Well, it sounds quite easy, and the company is claiming that it’s all true. But note that you would have to keep your smartphone in that thing for overnight, depending upon what you’re printing and how much amount of it. The smartphone need not be your primary handset and should have at full battery charged so that the product doesn’t come out half-baked.

The whole setup comprises of a platform for smartphone, where you can fit devices like iPhone, Android, and Windows phones size up to 5.5-inch. So, it is for any system. On top of your smartphone comes the building film after that is the engine room while it is stacked up by an LED interface, which would indicate when your product is finished being manufactured. Building film consists of building room and building plate; they would start their operations once you put the desire colored Resins. They come in eight colors; you would have to purchase them separately according to needs.

Though, what is interesting about them is that company claims not even a single drop of resins is wasted, thus resulting in the highly efficient system. Meanwhile, to build each product on average, it will cost you to use around $1 worth of resin. Now isn’t that something! You are manufacturing at your pleasure with not much effort and money. The company is touting that it can be a professionals dream tech whether you’re a jeweler, engineer, architect, dentist, student, teacher or an artist who loves to create things, then this could be your way into a whole new world of 3D printing. You can make things come to life with this affordable technology OLO has created.

There are tons of other features that this tiny smartphone powered 3D printer has, but we are more than excited, thus not addressing those features. Just head over to the Kickstarter campaign and back this project, if you’re into such kind of things. Well, you should be, go, go, back it! If you were wondering the OLO 3D printer is expected to be shipped to backer sometime in the month of June this year.

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