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Reasons Why You Should Buy the iPhone 7 & the iPhone 7 Plus compared to Android



Apple’s flagship devices iPhone 7 & the iPhone 7 Plus are finally out in all its glory. And now it’s that time of the year when we compare it with some of the finest offerings from the Android eco-system. Every year the new iPhones are put through this test, and we always see some interesting results year after year. So now let’s see where the new iPhones stand against the Android smartphones that we have in the market.

Do make a note that we are just going to compare the smartphones with some of the new Android devices only. So don’t expect your devices to be on the list. We are purely going to compare on the basis of hardware specs and some of the features here. So let’s get started, shall we?


When you compare the specs of the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus with the latest smartphone on the Android Eco-system like the LG V20 which just launched today. The newest iPhones come with the new upgraded A10 chipset, and as we have seen from the benchmark results, it clearly shows how powerful these devices are. But we all know that the specs are not always the one to be looked out for. It all comes down to the day-to-day usage. So if someone tells you that the iPhones are the best in day-to-day or otherwise, then that’s completely a biased opinion. Because the truth is both the devices are equally good when it comes to day-to-day experience.


Yes, iPhones does have only 2GB of RAM, but it is known fact that they optimise their software so well, that it actually doesn’t make any difference. It runs just as smoothly the Android devices run. As usual, this year also the company touted their performance boost and everything in bold letters. Sometimes, even devices with 6GB RAM starts falling apart, but an iPhone smoothly runs through all of it. So definitely it completely depends on the overall usage. But it is no harm in saying that both the eco-systems have some of the good devices that we have in the market today.


And now when it comes to Software side of things, things start to become a little cheesy. iOS, on one hand, is very stable and is consistent throughout all the devices that it is running on. On the other hand, when it comes to Android, it is different for every other device. It depends on the manufacturers, as they change the custom UI according to the device. So it all comes down to what the manufacturing is doing with their version of the software. Let’s take an example of the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has a unique UI for their devices and hence we get to see some interesting tweaks from their side. So now of the UI is heavy with a lot of bloatwares. Obviously, the experience is going to be comparatively poor. So we are safe from that issue with iPhones, and that’s a huge deal. Also, if you want to experience these new software features first, then you should go ahead and get the new iPhones.


Overall user experience

This pretty much talks in favour of both the hardware and the software together. Only when the software goes well with hardware which we have, the experience is going to be better. And when you use both the devices side-by-side you might not see that much of a difference, that is in terms of software performance with the hardware. But over the course of time, you can feel the difference. The software ages over time, and you start getting a good feel of it. Moreover, it also depends on how the company keeps them updated over time, to support the hardware effectively.


When it comes to overall usability of the device, this is something that we can report only when we actually use the device. But looking at the design and features that these new devices offer, it is interesting to see how it will perform in the real world. These devices are going to be launching in 2 new colours if that is something that makes you want to buy it. And needless to say the design of these new iPhones. Both the devices look absolutely gorgeous under any given condition and regardless of what colour option you pick. And they are also water resistant now, so that should not be the reason to stop you from picking these up.

Let us know what do you think about the new iPhones that launched today. Are you planning to pick one up or are you going to hold on to the existing devices? Let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more coverage on the new iPhones.


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