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How Long 4K Videos You can Record on OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy S7 & Xiaomi Mi5



The smartphones today have replaced our Digital Cameras in terms of clicking pictures and recording videos on-the-go. As they offer much mobility and features than any DigiCam could offer. You might have read this detailed report, which states that smartphones have pushed digital cameras as the favorite device to capture the cameras in the past couple of years.

All thanks to the advancements smartphone companies have done in terms of upgrading the camera technologies on their handsets. These days we have 23MP sensors on our smartphones in those tiny modules and features like PDAF, Laser Autofocus, Higher Aperture number and various software enhancements have helped these mobile brands dominate with their smartphone cameras.

But we are not here to discuss on that, let’s get to the point. Today we are comparing three smartphones; OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi Mi 5 to find out how long they can record a 4K video.

OnePlus 3

  • Camera Specs – 16MP Rear Module, 8MP Front Module
  • 1080p Recording – As Per the Storage Space available
  • 4K Recording – 3GB Size, 10 Minutes(Limit)
  • Heats Up? – Not at all.

Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Camera Specs – 12MP Rear Module, 5MP Front Module
  • 1080p Recording – As per the internal and external storage available
  • 4K Recording – As per the internal and external storage available, 1.69GB Size for 5 Minutes
  • Heat Up? – Yes, Considerably Low.

Xiaomi Mi 5

  • Camera Specs – 16MP Rear Module, 4MP Front Module
  • 1080p Recording – As per the internal storage available
  • 4K Recording – 2.3GB Size, 8 Minutes Limit
  • Heats Up? – Yes, Considerably High.


The verdict is that you can record the good duration of 4K content on OnePlus 3 smartphone without even worrying about the device heating it up. Because in those 10 minutes you can hold the device in your hands and enjoy moving around recording stuff. While, the other three handsets heats up, although, Samsung heats up to a considerable amount and interestingly restrict the amount based on storage. So, if you’ve external card attached, you can just keep recording until the storage runs out. Whereas in the case of Xiaomi, it restricts the 4K video recording to 8 minutes, moreover, heats up a lot that it’s hard to hold the device in your hands.

The conclusion is that you should get OnePlus 3 if you’re looking to record & edit 4K videos and does not want to cope up with heating issues at all.


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