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4 Missing Features from Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone



Every other technology critic has been talking about the Xiaomi’s latest flagship device, the Mi 5, since it was first announced in China and MWC Barcelona event. Offering the best value for money, the new Mi handset has charmed most of those critics, and I mean why not, it delivers on what they have promised. A device with the most powerful processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, Full HD sunlight display and a camera package that is going to impressive the photography enthusiast inside you.

But when has any smartphone been perfect! We have listed couple features, which might have been present on the device. There were couple of times when the Mi 5 and our paths crossed, first in Barcelona and then later in New Delhi. The most insane thing about the handset is that it is crazy lightweight; you won’t believe how much lightweight it is until you hold the device yourself. Moving past the incredible features, we now want to share some features if provided on the Mi 5 handset would have been great.

Note: Expecting a phone to offer everything at such pricing is not fair, but at times we all like to wish something extra on our already impressive devices. This article is dedicated to those people who want something extra on their handset.

Textured Back

We have admired the design of the device, and the fact that company has spent around two years developing their flagship says a lot about tried testing and then implementing the features. The device feels light and compact in hand, but the one thing that is missing from the design language was the textured back. Though, of course with a glass body it was obviously going to have a slippery body, but when we compare with other handset sporting a glass body, this device felt quite slippery. It would have been nice, although, if there was some better gripping offered. You can achieve that by using a back case, but then again, there’s no point owning a beautiful device and not flaunt its look in crowd. Right!

Xiaomi Mi 5 (6)

Smart Gestures

Xiaomi is a company which was laid on the grounds of its Android based ROM, the MIUI. The purpose was to offer better software experience and customization what stock Android could ever provide. It has done that and has been serving to Millions of its users in China and International markets. But there is one thing that has made me think about the choices company did with its MIUI ROM. Why haven’t they added the tap to wake up the screen and switch-off functionality? Is there is the reason for not adding such convenient feature? A feature is now being integrated into many mid-range handsets is not available on company’s flagship device is too much to gobble. Some of you would be familiar with this feature and would agree that MIUI should have this feature.

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We had to put this feature in the missing list of features. Admit it, you would also have liked to see the Xiaomi Mi 5 tackle water and dust with ease. But unfortunately, the device doesn’t have any kind of IP certification to ensure that it would survive even with just a splash of couple water droplets. While companies like Motorola have been quite active in introducing such kind of handset, as their mid-range handset the Moto G Third Generation is splash proof with a coating. And it’s other handsets like Moto X Force has been known to offer unbreakable display. So, yeah, this thought cross our mind and that’s why we have included in the list. It means you can’t take this handset to the adventure in wild, the device might not comeback as beautiful and functional as you’d hope.

MicroSD Card

The companies like Samsung and LG have not yet part away with microSD card slot and there is a reason for that, consumers love storage expansion slot, it lets them expand the storage whenever they want. See with a vast variety of apps and games to try out, not many users optimize their devices to keep storage space cleared up. And why should they even think of, if they are paying good buck to get the premium features. And how ever affordable Xiaomi Mi 5 is, this might be the least expensive feature to provide on the smartphone. Now I know most of you might want to stick with the standard model of the device, which has 32GB storage and no expansion slot. Wonder having a 4K capable camera module on your hand and you’re restricted to shoot more videos just because your device ran out of the storage space. One would be quite furious, if the precious moments were missed capturing due to the storage situation.

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Xiaomi has been disrupting smartphone industry since it started selling competitive devices couple years back. That was in China, whereas India got its first taste two years back. Jumping to present day, the brand has managed to impress the Indian audience purchasing in entry-level to premium-level. Now we think their latest flagship smartphone is pretty fantastic for what’s it is priced for. But we still thought, it could have been much better device, thus set an example to launch such flagship devices in the price point. Hey, if you have any point to add to this story, feel free to comment down in the comments box.


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