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$35 Pokémon Go Plus Accessory to sell from Sep 16th, does not need Phone to play the Game



Are you a Pokemon Go addict? Do you fall in problem regularly while playing the game on your smartphone? Then there is good news for you as Niantic has come with an accessory that will be available to its users starting 16th of September in most of the countries. This accessory will be called as Pokemon Go Plus and is priced at $35 or 35 Euros. There are reports that the game has more than 500 million downloads and also announced a way to play using the Apple Watch.

Now let us see how one can play the Pokemon Go game with this accessory called as Pokemon Go Plus. It is a device that will be linked to the user’s smartphone with Bluetooth Low Energy that lets the user collect all the items from the Pokestops and catch Pokemons as well with a click. However, this device was announced along with the game itself but has been delayed.

After connecting this device to the smartphone when you are in the game, the Pokemon Go Plus will vibrate and light up along with the location alert. The user can also collect the new items just by clicking the Pokemon Go Plus. The device lights up and vibrates whenever there is a Pokemon nearby, and the user can catch it with a dedicated button on the Pokemon Go Plus that will catch the Pokemon. Check the Journal later to know which Pokemon has been caught.

This seems so easy and simple, isn’t it? But what is the use playing the game this way when everything is done by the device itself and all that you have to do is keep pressing the button! This will ruin the game experience, and we have already seen a drop in the number of active players from the launch. We also have all news around the Pokemon Go game that includes tips and journals that will help the users check them out in case you might me needing them. Will you get this device? Does it interest you? Stay tuned to Phoneradar for more information and news.


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