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Looking for a Refurbished Smartphone? Flipkart’s 2GUD Portal might be your Best option



Smartphone usage has been quite significant in the country over a past couple of years. Consumers have also been changing phones rapidly ever since. In today’s era, any smartphone regardless of a low-end or a high-end device its longevity is considered to be not more than two years, and hence users are constantly shifting their phones. Despite the fact changing the phone has been a necessity not all can afford to buy a new phone frequently. And, also getting a new decent phone every time will eventually cost you a bang for the buck. This is where the refurbished phones come into play.

Refurbished phones have been a norm outside the country; all the major players in the tech industry including Apple have been officially selling their refurbished phones for a while now. To encourage the refurbished phones in the country, Flipkart has introduced 2GUD – an online portal, which looks familiar to an e-commerce site that sells only refurbished products at affordable prices, mostly consumer electronics that include smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartphone accessories, and audio accessories as well.

Refurbished products are primarily pre-owned products that undergo several tests by professional experts to give consumers an optimal performance for those who opt to buy these refurbished goods. These pre-owned products work flawlessly and are tested before being sold, and also they do come with an assured warranty based on the pre-owned device seller as well. Henceforth, users who are willing to own good products but are on a tight budget, and are not intended to miss out premium features of any product – then they can consider buying these refurbished products without any benefit of the doubt as these are certainly an excellent value for money to the consumers.

If you are wondering on how good the refurbished smartphone would be you get to choose between several options on the Walmart-owned Flipkart’s 2GUD portal. The site features multiple categories of a particular product that include – like new, superb, very good, good and okay sub-categories. For instance, ‘Like New’ category is considered to be selling mostly unused phones with zero scratches and the users would also be getting a 12-month warranty as well. Likewise ‘superb’ refers to products with minimal usage and negligible scratches, and further, the ‘okay’ category refers to a heavily handled product with notable scratches.

If you are still speculative about refurbished products, to give you an idea, we have tested out the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 bought on 2GUD and compared it with the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 bought on Flipkart. Apart from the additional labeling regarding the refurbished condition, both the devices offer premium packaging including the same contents in the box. The price gap (around Rs 17,000 – Rs 19,000) between these two phones certainly differ, but in terms of quality, they don’t. Both the Galaxy S9 smartphones look and feel pretty identical in hand, and the functionality of both the devices also appear to be the equivalent as well.

As for the phone’s internals, both the Galaxy S9 devices deliver the latest software running out-of-the-box. As stated earlier, this is because the refurbished Galaxy S9 is a company verified and tested product that has gone through quality checks, as per 2GUD’s policies. The refurbished phones might certainly be a repaired device or a lesser-handled device but the usability of these devices is undoubtedly new, and the best part is consumers get these phones for a much affordable price tag, as stated earlier.

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Flipkart claims that all the products that are being sold on its 2GUD portal are said to be going through an uncompromising 47-step quality check by the experts at the facility. This is to ensure each refurbished phone that gets delivered to the consumers happens to be in a perfect functioning condition. Considering the above-mentioned categories, the quality check of the products and their aggressive pricing, 2GUD is indeed the website, which the consumers to look for to get a better phone or any product for that matter at a reasonable price. Since Flipkart manages the 2GUD webpage, it is recommendable to purchase any refurbished product on the portal instead of looking for a third-party person or vendor who eventually sells you a used product without any assurance of the product being truly defectless.

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