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The 2017 Google Pixel Upgrade could have a Curved Display



The Google Pixel smartphones are undoubtedly one of the best devices out there in the market right now. Despite the fact that these are first set of smartphones coming under Google branding, they have managed to fair well in the market and have got ample attention. We are obviously not going to dive into any sales numbers here, but let’s just say that they have been doing well in the market. Well, now it looks like the company is all set to bring in some huge changes to the existing Pixel models and bring up with something better for the next one.

According to the new reports which we have, it looks like the company is planning to bring the curved screen to the upcoming Pixel smartphones, making it a worthy contender to stand a chance against the competitions in the market. This new is based on a report from the source, which in fact noted that Google has offered a hefty amount in LG Display Co. The number which we are looking at here is at least $880 million which is about 1 trillion won. The company is doing this to secure a stable supply of flexible OLED screens for its next smartphone.

Google’s decision of exploring the idea of having curved displays for the smartphone is not surprising at all. This is 2017 and small bezels plus curved display seems to be the only winning factor these days. Hence if we end up seeing the next set of Pixel smartphones sporting smaller bezels or at least a curved display, we won’t be surprised at all. But hey, don’t have your hopes high just yet, since LG is still considering it and has not confirmed yet.

If LG ends up refusing the deal then Google might not really have a lot of options open to it since Samsung is also not likely to accommodate the demand as they already some sort of a deal with Apple. Hence this is going to be quite interesting to see how all this unfolds over time. Having said that, we hope this deal goes through or Google manages to get someone else on board for this since curved screen Google Pixels will sell like hot cakes.

We would like to know your thoughts on this as well. Do you think bringing the curved screen to upcoming Google Pixel is a good idea or not? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below and also be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this.


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