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$20,000 Priced Solarin Android Smartphone to Launch on May 17th



The smartphone technology has raised many bars, but the security it offers to its users is still a big concern. Now, a British-Israeli based start-up named Sirin has come with a plan to debut the smartphone market with the launch of a luxury smartphone called as Solarin that will offer unmatched levels of technology and security to its users. The smartphone will run on Android OS and will come with a technology two to three times in advance of other devices.

Sirin Co-founder & President Moshe Hogeg, said,

“The smartphone brings the most advanced technology available even if it is not commercially available and combining it with almost military-grade security.” He further added, the idea of the start-up came about after Rakishev’s phone was hacked in 2013 and he asked why he couldn’t find a mobile phone that would ensure privacy and why new technology seen in tech shows and publications was not available in consumer devices.

Most of the luxury smartphones studded with gold and diamonds are for status, but Solarin is purely made for the officials and executives who seek the high-end security of their devices. Sirin Labs said that it has raised $72 million in private funds to launch the device, and its financing came from Israeli venture capital fund Singulariteam. The company also plans to open its first store, in London’s Mayfair in May.

The smartphone is expected to retail for a price around $20,000 and will be available from next month. Apart from this, no other details about the upcoming smartphone are revealed. Stay tuned for more updates in coming days! Earlier, Vertu launched a luxury smartphone called as Vertu Signature Touch and is priced starting from $9,500 to $20,000. The smartphone comes with 5th generation Sapphire Crystal protection, and features grade 5 titanium body encased in handcrafted leather with gull-wing doors on the back that open to house the nanoSIM and microSD cards.


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