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200 Employees from Intex Quit amid slow growth & the Competition from Chinese Brands



Chinese smartphone manufacturers are being very aggressive when it comes to their smartphone launches in India. We have been seeing a lot of demand for these devices from various other manufacturers like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, etc. Well, it does make a lot of sense as the products offered by these brands are offering more value for the money. When it comes to budget smartphones, some of the manufacturers are compromising the quality of the hardware. On the other hand, these Chinese smartphone manufacturers are doing an exceptional job with this.

So does it mean that the companies offering affordable budget smartphones in India are losing out their market? There is so definite answer to this question yet. However, the latest reports give us some insights on this. From the beginning of 2016, the situation for India based Intex Technologies seems to have got worse. Looks like the company’s glorious days are over. So according to new reports, over 200 employees have quit the company to look out for better opportunities.

This might be due to the fear of any kind of trouble in future. Well, this is not a good sign. Also, the report specifically points out the lack of proper planning, strategies and proper road map. Their sales have gone down significantly. Usually, the company makes about INR 300-305 crores in a month. However, this month, at this point, they are at around INR 150 crores. So it is expected that by August end, the company might end up making INR 250 crores, which is still way less than what we have seen previously.

The reason for the same if expected to be the lack of product planning and roadmap. Just launching a couple of smartphones with a set of features is not appealing anymore. Intex smartphones are not bad by any means, however in a market with such diverse products, a strong product base if necessary. And not to mention the competition from the Chinese manufacturers as well. So maybe Intex should work on some strategy on how to tackle the attack from the Chinese manufacturers. Also, it is reported that the employees who have quit the job have joined other manufacturers like Ziox Mobiles, Zen Mobiles and Lava International.

So now they definitely have to come up with something better as other smartphones manufacturers like Ziox Mobiles, Smartron, etc. are taking advantage of this and pushing their devices. So let’s see what we get to see from Intex in Future. As of now, they launched a couple of new smartphones yesterday. So stay tuned for more info on this.


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