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Get 2 Years of Unlimited Google Photos Storage with Moto G4 Devices



Lenovo had launched its latest Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus smartphones last week in India. In the U.S, the company also announced the Moto G4 Play with less powerful specifications and also at lower price. The Moto G4 Play and Moto G4 comes with 16GB of internal storage while the Moto G4 Play comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB storage options. All these devices also come with a MicroSD card slot for further expansion of storage upto 128GB.

Along with all these storage options, the company is also offering unlimited cloud storage of Photos via Google Photos app in original resolution for two years. HTC, ASUS and few other are the couple of other manufacturers who offers 100GB of Google Drive storage for the first two years for free. All this cloud storage comes above the 15GB which Google offers for every account for unlimited time.

Google charges $1.99 per month for 100GB of Google Drive storage which is almost Rs. 1,600 per year. All the device backups, mails, media files and other Google data (not the youtube videos) will use the 15GB of free storage and any storage about the free limit need to purchased. Now the unlimited storage of Google Photos on the latest Moto G4 devices will store photos and videos in original resolution.

The two years period starts from the day when the first photo or video backed up from the new Moto device. Once the two years period ends, the user needs to purchase the additional storage if the stored data crosses the 15GB free limit to keep them in original resolution. It can also be converted to high quality resolution for free which compromises the resolution.

Google Photos offers unlimited storage of photos and videos for unlimited time in the high quality resolution which compromises the resolution. There will be no major differences between the high quality file and original file if captured with 16MP or lesser resolution cameras. The images shoot with DSLR camera need to stored in original resolution for not losing the quality when editing or printing in large sizes.

Follow the below steps to activate the free unlimited Google Photos storage offered with the Moto G4, Moto G4 Play, & Moto G4 Plus:

  • To activate this unlimited free storage of photos and video on your Moto G4 device, all you need to do is login to the Google Photos app and select the original resolution instead of high quality resolution.
  • If you skipped the introduction cards or selected high quality by mistake; open the Google Photos app and then open the menu by swiping from left edge to right side.
  • Now tap on Settings > Backup & Sync > Upload Size, select ‘Original’ instead of ‘High Quality’ to access two years of unlimited Google Photos storage for free.

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