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10 Things you didn’t know your iPhone could do



iPhone has been seen as the iconic standard that every mobile manufacturing company looks up to in getting inspired, while some just literally copy’s there are many that want to produce handsets better than iPhone. Although, that shouldn’t be the case, companies should innovate differently and practically. In my opinion Apple’s iPhone isn’t the best in the industry, there are other firms that have been doing exciting work on their smartphones and has indeed given more innovation than Apple could have provided. But again, that is a different debate all along.

For now, just embrace what iPhone can do. You know there are some functions that even the regular iPhone users don’t know that it can perform. We would be sharing the some interesting things below that your iPhone could do, and you didn’t know about it. You can call it the coolest hidden feature your iPhone can do.

Check Timestamp of Text Messages

iPhone - Reveal Timestamp

Wondering how long since you has replied to the last text of your child and he/she didn’t replied back it. Well, you can check the timestamp of the messages happened in that conversation. Just swipe the text bubble to left by dragging it and you’ll see a timestamp for every message you have sent or received. It’s quite helpful in understanding when you sent and received messages. Psychologically, it might help in making conversations efficient, as you know after few text exchanges how much time they’re going to take to reply so that you stop checking your phone every few seconds.

Lock AF and Exposure to take a Picture

We can argue a lot whether the upgrade of 12MP from 8MP is good or not on the latest iPhone 6s, but one thing is sure that iPhone offers one of the best camera features. May it be hyper-lapse, slow motion or anything else, the camera interface of an iPhone is top of the line and in all that you may have missed an important feature. It allows you to lock the AF and Exposure. Many users don’t realize the importance of this feature, but camera enthusiast can certainly do. By allowing the AE/AF lock you stop the iPhone camera to do refocusing and automatically adjusting the exposure.

Automating doesn’t always help you in capturing the best photo. Once you have found the optimal focusing and exposure, you should lock it. To do so, you have to press and hold your finger on the screen until you see a yellow square blink twice. Now an icon in yellow should appear which would state “AE/AF Lock.” It means you’ve successfully locked focusing and exposure, after taking the shot it’ll go back to normal, i.e. AF/AE would be functioning.

Customize Vibration Patterns

Ever wanted to change the vibration pattern on your Apple iPhone? Well, you totally can do that; if you didn’t know up until now then let us guide you in doing so. It will let you completely change the alerts and notifications. Go to the Settings app and tap on Sounds sections, further head over to the Ringtone and then you have to tap the Vibration. Now you need to tap on the Create New Vibration option. A window will open; there you have to tap your finger in the pattern of your choice and save it. That’s it. Note that you can also customize the vibration pattern for individual contacts. For that follow the same procedure from your contact list. This feature would help in understanding who’s calling or messaging you just by feeling the vibration pattern.

Can act as Levelling tool

iPhone - Compass  App

You’re working on hanging some paintings and can’t get the levels correct? Well look no further; your iPhone can act as a Levelling device. Just head over to the Compass app on your device and swipe left, the new screen you see will showcase you whether the level is straight or not. Now you can hang those paintings at the level you wanted, no complications required. The green color and 0-degree means, it’s a flat surface.

Create Keyboard Shortcuts

Texting has become an integral part of every youngster’s life these days, and it extends to adults as well, but there are limits. If you don’t know about this feature, you’re missing out being efficient in texting. There’s a feature that allows you to create a shortcut for word or phrase that you use a lot. To use this feature you have to head over to the settings app, and then further tap on the Keyboard. Now you have to tap on the shortcuts, and you’ll find the option to Add New Shortcut. Note that every time you type that shortcut that whole word/phrase would magically appear. For fun, you can also create shortcuts for emojis. Isn’t it interesting!

Alert with LED Flash

Want the flashlight to emit on your iPhone when you get a call or message? Well, you can certainly do that on your Apple device if not on an Android device. To do so, you have to launch the Settings app, Go to General Settings, then further tap on Accessibility. Now you need to scroll down and turn ON the “LED Flash for Alerts”. Beware!! The flashlight is dazzling.

Siri Can Read Emails to You

This is a simple hack for Siri; you can make your mail time more efficient. Just ask Siri to read out loud your emails by saying the phrase, “Read my email” and the assistant will read all your emails aloud. While if you would like to hear only the recent emails, the phrase should be “Read my latest email”, or may be from a particular contact, “Do I have an email from Amit?”. This simple hack can be quite useful at times.

Teach Siri to Pronounce Words

Want to feel smarter than Siri? Well, you could teach her how to pronounce certain words, so that she uses them next time you do conversation with her. Now whenever Siri mispronounces something, you just have to tell her, “That’s not how you pronounce WORD” and she’ll offer you to provide alternatives to that. Choose the best one and she should stick to that pronunciation from now on.

Capture Photos Using Volume Buttons

iPhone - Volume Buttons

Now have you ever been in a situation when you weren’t able to use the on-screen capture button to get that perfect moment captured? Well, we all have been in that situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an option that would give you an alternative way to capture photos? Now that you asked so nicely let’s get you one. If you should be aware of the fact that iPhone allows you to take pictures using either volume down or up button. Now next time you’re wearing a glove/ or your hands are dirty you can use that option and press the physical button instead. That way you can avoid touching the screen.

Charges Faster in the Airplane mode

A known fact is the battery life of the Apple iPhone isn’t the best in the industry, moreover, if you’re a power user you might end up charging the iPhone more than once in a day. Now if you ever need to save battery, then the best solution is to put your handset on the airplane mode. Yes, this more isn’t just for usage in the flight; you can use it to save battery life. But most importantly, if you charge your iPhone in the Airplane mode then it is likely to charge faster than when the network is enabled. With this hack, you can mimic the fast charging in a way.

These hacks mentioned above should help you in improving your productivity as well as increasing your iPhone’s efficiency. Overall, you’ll emerge a hero in your life after you implement the above things on your iPhone. Make your habit of using these hacks on the daily basis and you’ll have a great time.


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