Yu Yutopia Vs OnePlus 2 Smartphone Comparison

by Vishal Toshiwal 17

The smartphone industry wasn’t the same as earlier when companies used to launch one flagship device, and they don’t have too much to worry as the competition wasn’t that crowded. The big players like Samsung, LG, and HTC, would use to have wonderful sales figures until brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus came in. Such has happened with not only international but the Indian smartphone market as well. You now see brands like YU Televentures, Lenovo, Honor and several other brands take over the mid and budget range segment with their popular handsets.

Here, we would be talking about such two handsets, one of which was recently launched in the country. The newly launched device that is surely going to stir the affordable flagship range is the Yutopia. While the second device that is in questioning here is the OnePlus 2, the so-called Flagship Killer of 2016. Now what happens when a supposed Most Powerful Phone Ever meets an eye-to-eye with a handset of future? They fight for the crown because there can only be one king.


The Yutopia is an all metal unibody designed smartphone and supposedly built by aircraft grade aluminum and magnesium alloy. While on the other hand the OnePlus 2’s frame is also crafted from the same alloy of aluminum and magnesium. Both handsets are designed with deep integration of antennas to ensure ideal reception.

The YU device feels quite bulky in hand due to its oversized bottom bezel, which is a waste of space as the company hasn’t given capacitive navigation buttons. Whereas you find the capacitive button for recent and back, but a physical yet capacitive home button that also houses the fingerprint sensor. See, that’s one of the things I like about handsets with a biometric sensor on the front rather than keeping them back like Yutopia did. It’s just easy to access when your device is lying on a desk. Let’s face we all put our handsets out on the flat surface, but not always keep in pockets.

Moreover, you can customize the back side on OnePlus 2 but not on the Yutopia, which says nothing like a customization. You have options like Bamboo, Rosewood, Black Apricot, Kevlar, while it ships with Sandstone panel by default. It’s a heaven for the customization buffs while such can’t be said for Yutopia.


Here the clear winner can be stated as the Yutopia sports the higher 2K resolution display while the OnePlus 2 only has a 1080p display that can be seen on handsets priced as low as 10K. But does that mean the high resolution is the only factor that should be considered to measure the quality of displays? Well, we don’t quite agree on that and you shouldn’t too. Despite being one of the best in terms of the pixel density at 565 PPI (Pixel Per Inch), easily beating the 401 PPI count on the OnePlus handset.

But OP2 emerges as the winner when you take both handsets under the sunlight legibility test. You have to struggle to read on Yutopia while the content is clearly visible on the OnePlus 2. All thanks to the 600 nits brightness power, which is currently the brightest LCD display available in this range. I would have hesitated to crown OnePlus as better display if YU had a Super AMOLED display to offer. Because better blacks and white always outnumbers any add-on feature of other display technologies. Moreover, you also get an awful lot of real estate compared to the Yu device, which is at 5.2-inch while OnePlus 2 is at 5.5-inch. What’s interesting is that they both feel similar in overall size as we have mentioned in design section above.


What’s interesting is that before having its own UI in the form of Oxygen OS, the first OnePlus handset was launched with Cyanogen OS. Now the collaboration with Yu Televentures, you see the Cyanogen OS working on the Yutopia. We know what happened between the Founders of Cyanogen Inc. and OnePlus, as their partnership collapsed.

Now talking more about the comparison of the software on these two handsets, let’s clear the wind here. Both the interfaces are smooth and we have established that in our respective reviews of the handsets. It’s quite easy to understand by yourself that which interface you would like or not. If you’re fond of customization and still want a familiar Android experience, i.e. with app drawer and similar settings, then Cyanogen OS 12.1 on Yutopia is a great choice of you. While if you’re looking for more Android stock experience and little bit of customization that makes good for efficiency, then Oxygen OS should be your choice. And yeah, both the handsets are running on the interfaces based on the latest Lollipop version.

Hardware & Performance

Both the handsets are powered by the Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset, Snapdragon 810, in the market right now. But however, both clocks at different levels, OnePlus handset takes the smarter route and underclocks at 1.8GHz while Yutopia clocks at regular speed, 2.0GHz. It might be one of the smartest decisions OnePlus took for its flagship killer handset, as SD810 is tended to heat up a lot. Now I’m not saying the OP2 doesn’t heat up, but I’m quoting that it doesn’t heat up as much frequently as Yutopia does. Even, when YU device is lying on the desk, you would notice it heats up a bit more compared to idle condition on OnePlus device.

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Coming to the performance part, we have played heavy gaming and did a lot of multitasking in both the handsets and came to the conclusion that they’re both incredible in performance. May it be any heavy games or switching between numbers of apps, these devices can handle them easily. They both have 4GB of RAM but have quite a difference in terms of internal storage. The standard model of OnePlus comes with 16GB storage while it’s 32GB for Yutopia. Although, here comes an interesting part, when given a choice between two devices, priced similar, would you go with the first phone with 32GB or the second device with 64GB model? Of course, it should be later one if both devices are practically same in performance and heats little less than former.


This is a big aspect among smartphones, and it could be the deciding factor for consumers buying the handsets just for the camera quality. The Yutopia comes with a 21-meapixel resolution camera while the OnePlus 2 comes with a 13-megapixel resolution camera. YU device has a Sony Exmor RS sensor; IMX320 is acting as their main cameras while the OP2 uses an OmniVision 13860 camera module.

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Both the handsets use the OIS Technology that results in sharper and shake-free photos as well as video recording. They are capable to record up to 4K resolution video contents. You get time-lapse and slow motion features in the camera app on these two devices. Talking about the camera modes, you won’t find many modes on OP2 for obvious reasons, while the Yutopia’s camera interface is filled with lots of modes like OptiZoom, ChromaFlash and Steady Photo. They both revealed good camera outputs, may it be under any lighting conditions. But what we didn’t like on the Yutopia was that camera app was lagging most of the time during our usage of the device. We have raised this issue in our detailed camera review of the Yu device. While in comparison OnePlus 2’s camera interface was quite good, we didn’t face any such issues.

OnePlus 2 Camera Capture Samples & Video Modes

Talking about the front facing camera, the OnePlus 2 have a 5-megapixel image sensor while the Yutopia has an 8-megapixel image sensor. There is a clear winner in terms of resolution capture, but we don’t quite agree with that. The OnePlus 2 selfie cam felt more true to the reality while maintaining the color reproduction and white balance. While Yutopia does have a good selfie camera in the form of OmniVision OV8865, but I don’t quite agree it in terms of the brightness levels. The wide angle lens seems to be as advertised but white balance was off in capture taken in broad daylight.


The main confusion arises when we come to the talk of battery life. See, both the devices are powered by Snapdragon 810 processor and one could hardly argue that isn’t a power efficient processor. The OnePlus 2 comes with a larger 3300mAh battery and in our overall experience it offered decent screen on time (SOT) but wasn’t quite good when it comes to standby time. While on the other hand Yutopia has a smaller 3000mAh battery that would be powering the SD810 and not so efficient 2K Display.

The processor and display you see on Yu device are not the best combinations for a reason, and that reason is battery life. You would hardly get an SOT of around 3 ½ hours; it is only when the usage is average. Although, the standby time on this latest handset is brilliant, it was quite surprising to notice that.

Meanwhile, Yutopia also supports the Quick Charge 2.0, which allowed the device to charge up to 45% within 30 minutes, whereas the OP2 took around 75 minutes to get charged up to half from zero percent. That might be the fault of slow USB Type-C port.


To figure out the best choice among these two handsets, you have to ask what is the foremost thing that you would like on your next smartphone? If the answer to that question is; large real estate, less heating device and a customizable design, then the choice should be OnePlus 2. While if you’re looking for a better camera features, expandable storage and a customizable interface on your handset, then Yutopia should be your choice. May the force be with you, as you choose between the light or dark side!

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  • Jagadeep

    This guy who had written his review is truely a bribed man from one plus… My simple question is- how can u term a high end hardware as least? For ex: SD 810 with 2ghz n 1.8ghz? How can u call a Qhd a inferior to fhd? Do u have sense in what u r saying? How can u call a 5.2 inch full metal body as a bulky n 5.5 inch phone is quite good? R u nuts?

    • Saurabh Pansare

      Bro ur nuts sd810 is a angry powerhouse which heats up and underclocking it helps in decreasing heating issues… And camera megapixels never matters and if u compare 16mp of samsung s6 camera with 21mp of moto x camera then u cant say that moto camera is better than samsung.. There are many criteria to be a camera better than just mega pixels and if ur saying qhd is not bettet than fhd then let me tell u one plus uses most advanced fhd screen while yu televentures uses a mediocre quality qhd display and one more bezels in oneplus is made of metal while on other hand yutopia is a all metal construction…. So its obvious that yutopia will feel bulky than one plus two

      • Jagadeep

        Just send a pic of both phones keeping them in sunlight…

        • Saurabh Pansare

          Too be honest no one i world can barely see difference in full HD and quad hd display….. I have oneplus and i saw that its equally bright like quad hd display bcoz of that high saturated colour contrasted display and if u still want display comparison try to contact with forum moderator

          • Jagadeep

            I do accept your point.. However, test that yutopia and see. I dont think its fair to comment without testing. one should not discourage a phone that has come from India. The person who wrote this review has totally negated yutopia. Did u see those points? How can he do like that.. And you pls wait until u see an yutopia on ppls hands..

          • Saurabh Pansare

            Bro my cousin pre-ordered it and i am sure that they tested both phones and then posted this review and yes there r some points where they have posted a harsh review but honestly i am really proud that indian manufacturer launched such high end phone but i cant just go blind only bcoz of indian brand……. Yutopia is a gr8 device so is oneplus two but still oneplus knows high-end market better than yu televentures as they launched their successful oneplus one and yutopia is the entry of yu televentures in this price segment and therefore i think oneplus won this competition not by big margin but closely

          • manveet sahni

            Bro don’t get so emotional if it’s an Indian brand. Criticism means there is room for improvement. Btw oneplus 2 ain’t perfect as shit as well

  • Jagadeep

    How can u give a verdict like 13mp camera is better than 21 mp camera? That too a high end Sony cam being used in yutopia.. Put your hands on your heart and say whether you’re right in your review? My god! How can u just say this to ppls who have very good knowledge about tech n hardware?

    • Praveen Venu

      Biased review.

    • manveet sahni

      Megapixels aren’t everything. Apple has the lowest of them all. But you’ll call it the best, because you my freind have zero knowledge about tech.

    • Dhruv Palejwala

      very good knowledge about tech n hardware
      I don’t belive you, coz if you had,you wouldn’t decide camera quality by megapixel count ever(don’t forget i6 has only 8MP camera)
      a quality of camera completely depends on sensor, no of lenses and aparture(op2 has f/2.0 collate to yutopia’s f/2.2)
      MP count is just a hoax and numbers to make you feel good

      • Shaggy Sam

        Whatever the image aperture n the quality is resolution always remains the same bro. Resolution(megapixel) matters as one of the main criteria.

  • Samir Shah

    The service of yu company is pathetic
    I have given my phone yu yuhoria for replacement since 9.11.15 for repairs in service centre
    But still the service centre tells that It is under repairs and every time I call them for replacement they say that it will take 15working days for the phone to repair
    But till date no calls or replacement from their side
    As compared to service oneplus rocks
    Guys do t buy yu or micromax phones

  • pavan kumar

    This is such a biased review!

  • Rajesh Kashyap

    Can i trust you ? Because many other people who reviewed it have different opinion. Like accuracy of Yutopia on sim network and wi fi. Let me remined you it comes with quick charger but your favorite 1+2 fails here. Another thing as a heared from somebody like you YUTOPIA have better heat management over one plus 2. There is no earphone with one plus two. And finally there in no device perfect especially mobile even iphones, but most of problems can overcome with few tricks and sw updates. So next time please dont give such an animated review. You should concentrate on build quality like who manufactured RAM, Memory Flash, Camera, Display etc.

  • Shaggy Sam

    Yes this is biased review.
    got youtopia yesterday. N felt it just amazing n your review is all false opinions.
    They have adopted some cooling technology thats y it is not heating up(played asphalt for 30 mins n felt the heating is not that issue, it has reached max of 38c which is amazing.

    N Have you heared the beats in it? god man amazing phone if you like music(specially the headphones are of so premium quality that i wondered that it must be costing more than 40$). N about display – i was playing 4k videos in it with no lagging.. 🙂

    N not to forget it has 4gb ram n 21mp camera – to process that you need at-least 2ghz of speed bro. i would say yutopia also have a wise decision. where as 3gb n 13mp camera with oneplus2.

    Had sleepless nights to choose between Yutopia n OP2 but now the feeling is You just cannot compare Yutopia with Oneplus2 🙂

  • Shaggy Sam

    To all those guys who are still in confusion
    3gb ram vs 4gb ram
    13mp vs 21mp
    ddr3 ram vs ddr4 ram(37% less battery consumption)
    1080p(hd) vs 2k(qhd)
    64gb vs 32gb
    3300mah vs 3000mah

    Thank you.