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VisualRuler App for iOS helps you Measure Real World Objects with your iPhone Camera

Smartphones applications are taking over the world. From checking the weather in your city to getting a taxi ride, almost everything is possible with smartphone applications now. In fact, sometimes we get into a situation where we might need some help and actually wonder if there is an app to find a solution for it. Similarly, how any have wanted to measure the dimensions of something in front you and you couldn’t do it maybe since you didn’t have a measuring tape lying around nearby. You don’t need to worry anymore.

Yes, because there is an application just to do that. It’s called the VisualRuler and it gives you a decent estimate of an object’s dimensions if not accurate. It simply uses your smartphone camera. So basically how this works is, it uses your smartphone camera to measure the dimensions of the object you are pointing to. So, in order to make it work, you have to give it a reference point for scale. You include your credit card along the object within the frame and then take the photo. Since all the credit cards are of the same size, it is a good reference object to provide for measuring the size.

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Price: $1.99

Next step is to drag and drop the measurement scale lines on both the cards and the object you are trying to measure the dimensions for. It will instantly give you a value on the scale lines. It may not be accurate but it is good enough for an estimated value if you are trying to get a quick look at something. And be sure to place the object on a perfectly flat surface or else the dimensions may be completely wrong. Also, it can be used to measure only small sized objects since the reference object you are placing is also a small pocket-sized card. If you can live with that, put up with a rather confusing UI then you can go ahead and get this application for the $1.99 and enjoy using it.

By Karthik Iyer on Monday 1st of Aug 2016

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