How to Track Sleep using Samsung Gear Fit [Manual & Automatic]

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In Fitness, it is not just working out vigorously but also the amount of rest and sleep that you are giving to your body to rejuvenate your muscles, and mind plays an important role in getting into proper fitness and shape.
The galaxy Gear Fit will use the Sleep application to monitor your Sleep patterns and records how much sleep you are getting by detecting periods of no body movements for one minute in the Automatic mode.

Let us first get some insight on how the Sleep application works in gear Fit, there are two modes of recording your sleep in Gear fit Sleep Application – Manual mode and Automatic mode.

In Manual mode, you need to click on the “Start” button when you are going to sleep and after you wake up from your nap click on the “Stop” button which will then record the duration of your sleep.

In Automatic mode that should be set will automatically record your sleep cycles on its own without clicking anything before or after you sleep. Your gear fit will detect the lack of body movements for one minute and starts the Timer. If you are sleeping for less than 2 hours and wake up in 30 minutes the sleep cycle is not recorded.

How to Record Sleep Duration in Manual mode

On your Gear Fit Home screen, you have to Scroll the screen to the left or right which will take you to the Sleep App. In the Sleep App, you can see 3 options “Start” with a green color half moon on the left and Sleep-check sleep data in the middle and Back button on the right side.

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Click on the Start Button, which is the Green half moon before you sleep which will start the timer.

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Samsung Gear Fit Track Sleep 3

After you wake up you can find the duration time of your sleep and now click on the same button where it is written “Stop” now to stop recording your Sleep timings.

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How to record Sleep in Automatic Mode

  • As done in the manual mode, you have to scroll to the left or right to access the Sleep App.
  • Here you need to Scroll once again to the left side of the Sleeping screen to get the options for turning on the Automatic mode
  • From the options click on the “Auto” button and then tap “Tick” to select it.
  • In Automatic Mode, you need to make sure that you are wearing the device on your wrist all through your sleep and not place it on the table.
  • As we have mentioned earlier, the Sleep app will keep a track on your body movements and then record the Sleep cycles and store it in gear fit memory to check and keep a track of your Sleep.

How to Check Sleep Data and History

Samsung Gear Fit Track Sleep 5

You can check your sleep data and history of your sleep cycles by clicking on the Sleep-Check Sleep data button which we see when you scroll left or right from the home screen.

Click on it to open four options- History, Auto mode, Auto Block and Back/return to previous screen buttons.

Click on History to open the saved data of your sleeping cycles from earlier days.

You can change the Recording mode by clicking on the button next to the History button.

And the Auto Block button will be useful to Set a Recording duration when in Auto Recording Mode.

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  • Rob

    I can’t find this automatic feature anywhere. Do you have screenshots of this option?

  • Tricia

    Did you ever find the automatic feature?

  • Ollie

    I also can not finf this automatic feuture nowhere

  • Karen

    There is no “Auto” mode. MANUAL MODE SUCKS.

    Who can remember to “Start” and “Stop” when you wake in the middle of the night, or lay there tossing and turning trying to sleep. Please add this feature ASAP.

    Samsung is really dropping the ball on this one, by releasing that Auto mode is there when it’s not and people purchase the gear fit based on this information. False advertising.

  • Mary

    Just got the Gear Fit 3 days ago. Live chatted with Samsung today and was told that I would receive a notification when the automatic sleep function upgrade is available. Can anyone confirm that Samsung is in the process of creating this upgrade. Is there an availability date set?

  • Christian

    It’ not there and I’mso disappointed in this product I will not suggest it to anyone. If you want a better more manageable wearable iwould suggest a Fit Bit. Or the Garmin Forunner I’m going to ditch this Iinaccurate device as soon as I can.