Samsung Pay to be rolled out in Indonesia soon, adds to the Earlier 7 Countries

by Pavan Kumar B.C 2

Samsung Pay official

The South Korean Giant is keen in expanding its mobile payment service across the globe and it has already listed seven countries that it will be expanding in this year. Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service which is provided by Samsung that will make the payments easier via compatible phones. This service accepts NFC (Near field communication) payments at the tap to pay terminals and also Chip or Swipe payment terminals. The service was launched in South Korea on 20th of August last year and on 28th of September the same year in the US.

Earlier at MWC this year, the seven countries that were confirmed to expand were Canada, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Singapore and UK. Although the company did not give any precise date, promised to offer it by the end of 2016. Even though Indonesia is not listed, it might be one of the countries where this service will launch in the coming future.

The director of Samsung Electronics Indonesia IT and mobile marketing – Vebbyna Kaunang said earlier this week that it is not yet confirmed at this point, but Samsung Pay might be going live in Indonesia based on the development. She also said that, as long as they can implement it, they will be bringing the service to their country. Although Indonesia is believed to have that required technological infrastructure to launch Samsung Pay, it will require the carrier support.

Samsung Pay services will be accepted at more places compared to other mobile payment services available and will make payments easy and fast by just launching the application which is compatible with few selected Samsung devices and banks which offer the cards. We need to see when this service is going to get expanded across the world, and it is likely that it will extend to the countries that will be selling the Samsung devices. Stay tuned for more information.

Pavan Kumar B.C


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  • Nebu Cherian

    I wish both Apple pay and Samsung pay reaches to more countries soon…it’s the future of payment technology

  • Q. I live in Indonesia. Will someone who uses Samsung Pay be able to receive money too? And will it support debit? So not only Credit card owner who can enjoy Samsung Pay.