Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch leaked images shows the device ahead of August 31st Launch

by Karthik Iyer 5

Samsung is all set to launch the Gear S3 Smartwatch tomorrow i.e. 31st of August. But interestingly, some of the leaked images already shows us what the device will look like. As you can see from the leaked images below, we can see the watch in all its glory. This is expected to be the Classic variant of the watch. The company usually launches two variants of the device as we have seen from the previous variant. So this year as well, we can expect the same. However, there are stating that Samsung will end up launching another variant as well called the Explorer edition.

We don’t have any confirmation on that, but we will get to know all that tomorrow. So meanwhile take a look at these images and decide if you like it better than the previous version. Stay tuned for more info as we will update once we have more info after tomorrow’s launch.

Earlier: Samsung is all set to launch a new smartwatch this month which is going to be an upgrade to the existing Gear S2. The company teased a launch event at the IFA electronics show in Germany. The event is scheduled for August 31st. Even though Samsung didn’t openly mention about the watch, but it is quite evident from the invite sent out to everyone.

As noted earlier, if this happens, then this is going to be an upgrade to the existing watch i.e. the Gear S2. The Gear S2 was launched back in September 2015 at the same show. The Gear S2 was highly appreciated by many, and it was well received in the market unlike the previous offerings from the company. The watch had an entirely new design, which was surprisingly good and a had an all new interface in the form of a spinning bezel.

So now it will be interesting to see what the company has decided to do here with the upcoming new watch. It is expected that the company will retain the rotating bezels. Also, there are rumors about a new Gear S3 classic variant as well this year. This will be on the same lines as that of last year, where we saw two variants. Also, a new explorer edition is also expected, and it is said to feature a crown and might have changeable watch bands. This is something new to the table, which was not seen previously from the manufacturer.

However, all these rumours will be put to end on August 31st, which is not far. Unfortunately, we don’t have any new smartphone launches from the company as they recently launched the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. So stay tuned for info on this as well as other announcements from IFA 2016.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Nebu Cherian

    In my books Gear S2 was a winner…it’s a stunning looking smartwatch and in fact I loved it over Moto 360 2nd gen even though it was priced higher…Now I’m really excited to see how Samsung will up its game and set a new benchmark

    • Nebu Cherian

      If this image is that of Gear S3 , I love the previous gen it was much funky looking device…this looks like a typical gold plated watch

      • Sufyan Hussain

        I agree, however, I would change the straps for a leather look, I don’t want no gold plated imitation either..I hope the face comes in silver, the gold is horrid and in my opinion only suited to women.

      • Sufyan Hussain

        Looks like we got what we wanted. What do you think of it? I’ll be buying the frontier.

        • Nebu Cherian

          I’m more interested in the Zenwatch 3 or even the last gen Gear S2 !