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Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature Facial recognition also due to Iris scanner limitations

Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus are about to hit the market very soon, and we can’t wait. As we get closer to the launch date, we have been getting a lot of new info about the smartphone on a daily basis. Yesterday we got some reports which gave us some info on what to expect in terms of pricing. And today, we have yet another report which talks about a new feature which the company will be adding to the smartphones. The feature which we are talking about here is the Facial Recognition.

Facial Recognition has been there for a long time in the world of Android smartphones, and hence we know that it is nothing new. However, it is quite interesting to see that Samsung is adding this also as one of the methods to unlock your device. Now, you might ask, what is the need for a facial recognition when we are getting an Iris scanner, right? Well, it looks like the Iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 is slower and hence they are adding this feature as well to make it easier for the users to unlock the phone within microseconds.

Samsung’s Iris scanner is one of the long-rumored features for this particular smartphone, and the fact that we are also going to get an alternative to that is indeed quite surprising. Do make a note here that the Iris scanner is not poor and as a matter of fact, we have no idea how good or bad it will be. But the fact that they are planning to add a new feature to improve the reliability and speed gets us thinking as to how bad could the Iris scanner’s performance could be?

One of the Samsung’s official said to the source that, “Due to some limitations of Iris scanning such as speed and accuracy, they have decided to add facial recognition to the Galaxy S8. With facial recognition, it would take only 0.01 seconds to unlock the phone”. Also, it is worth noting that the disastrous Note 7 also had an Iris scanner which appeared to work quite good. Well, it certainly does looks like we have to wait and see what we get here.

Talking about the smartphone, the company is all set to unveil it on March 29th with sales beginning sometime in the month of April. With that said, be sure to let us know what do you think about the facial recognition on Galaxy S8? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.

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By Karthik Iyer on Friday 10th of Mar 2017

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Posted by PhoneRadar on Sunday, February 19, 2017