Samsung Galaxy S6 gets Official Marshmallow update in India sized 1220MB

by Amit Bhawani 10

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Finally, just a day before the Samsung Galaxy S7 availability in India we have some good news for the Galaxy S6 users. You should check the Firmware update section of your device for the large sized 1220MB update that’s going to bring in the Marshmallow software to your devices.

According to our Twitter follower Umesh, who had shared the following screenshots, the users in India are getting a new Over-the-Air notification for the Marshmallow update. This is not just another update because this is something most of the users have been waiting from long time.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Marshmallow Samsung Galaxy S6 Marshmallow Changelog Samsung Galaxy S6 Android6

Talking about the Important Change-Log & Features, the update features the following.

  • TouchWiz is enhanced with updated visual design
  • Alternative unlock method needed for Fingerprints for secure protection
  • Advanced power saving mode restricts background data and extends battery life
  • New Vibration Pattern has been added

Its interesting to see that Samsung has been taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S7 from the past few days while the devices would be shipping or made available from tomorrow, and at these times this update has dropped. Is this an attempt from Samsung to show that they care or just a co-incidence? Along with this there are also rumours that the S6 Edge would also be getting this update within a few days, hence if you have that device, you should be keeping an eye on the software updates section.

If you have not yet received any notification, make sure you visit the Settings > About Device > Software update option and click to seek and find if it is available to download or not. If you have already received this update, comment below and let us know what new did you find in it and which country are you from.

Amit Bhawani


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  • Stacy Allen

    If I could turn back time, I’d probably get the LG G4 after all. Salesman talked me out of it. I like Samsung but they are the slowest EVER for updates. I’ve got the S6 through US Cellular and still nothing.

    • Well the LG G4 didn’t get the Marshmallow till the recent times and have had the worst battery of all the Flagship devices of 2015. That said, Samsung devices are at least better in terms of features tho.

      • thebornprince

        @amitbhawani:disqus : Bro, the grass on the other side is always greener. The battery in Samsung S6 or Edge phones is super pathetic. It doesn’t even last half day. I use the fast charger and charge my phone every morning between 8 to 915 and then I start for my office. I dont answer or make any calls nor browse the insternet while driving still the battery drops by 7 to 8% in just 20 – 25 minutes. I live in a fairly good network area in Pune. I also have LG G3 and the battery backup on my LG is just double than of Samsungs. Hope this brings some respite to you.

        • Agreed on that part but while I did test the G4 that was my favorite Camera Smart phone of 2015, felt the battery was very bad when compared to the Galaxy S6. That said, no more issues with the S7 Edge that I’m using at the moment.

  • woody

    Had marshmallow over a week now I’m in uk

    • saurabh daga

      Is there much improvement in battery life?

  • Shubhashish

    Got the Marshmallow 6.0.1 update on my Galaxy S6 in India finally yesterday.

    The phone has gotten smoother but there isn’t any change in battery performance, at least nothing yet.

    A couple of features have disappeared. Like, now I cannot define the pattern of vibration when a phone rings. Bummer. I liked that.

    Second, while waking up the phone, the screen-light come on really slowly.

    Third, the Settings aren’t all same like Galaxy S7. There is no triple-press home button for one-hand use feature.

    Fourth, Galaxy Labs is absent.

    Oh well, can’t think of more at the moment. There are many more, though.

    Disappointing, Samsung.

    At least the same software update should give similar experience.

  • Sachin Chaudhari

    Yes i have got marshmallow update on my Samsung s6 edge plus

  • amit gupta

    Downloading the marshmallow update on my Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus here in India!

  • Swarnabh agrawal

    Is it working fine ? Or it makes it slow?