Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with a One-sided Curved Display Launched in India for Rs. 64900

by Chetan Bhawani 26

The Samsung Unpacked event after all wasn’t only about the greatly anticipated Galaxy Note 4, because Samsung announced another device – the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, a smartphone / phablet with a beautiful display curved on one side. Continuing with the Quad HD display that is given on the Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has the extra 160 pixels on the side, curved to provide the content on the right. The best part, is the excellent Super AMOLED display that Samsung has been using.

Update on 23rd Dec 2014: The Galaxy Note Edge is officially launched in India, for the offering price of Rs. 64900 although the MRP is Rs. 68500. The phablet will be available from first week of Jan 2015 in select stores across India.

Asim Warsi, VP, Mobile & IT, Samsung India said:

Samsung continues with its legacy of pioneering extraordinary innovations and setting new benchmarks in the mobile industry. The Galaxy Note Edge is a stunningly beautiful device equipped with a unique curved screen which not only makes the smartphone distinctive but also delivers a unique way to access information and optimizes functionality.

Given the internal specs, one can expect the Note Edge no where outside the US market, because it is powered by the 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 805), and 3GB of RAM for the multitasking. There are two variants, i.e. 32GB and 64GB ones with the extra storage expansion by 64GB.

Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeTake the Note 4, except for the display there is nothing really different in the Note Edge. You get to see the same 16-megapixel Auto focus camera with the Smart Optical Image Stabilizer and on the front, there is a 3.7-megapixel shooter with f1.9. Some of the effects for the rear camera include HDR (Rich tone), Selective Focus, Rear-cam Selfie, Beauty face, Virtual Tour Shot, Shot&More, Dual Camera, while the front camera has Selfie and Wide Selfie effects.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge runs Android 4.4 KitKat OS and there are quite some improvements in the interface, which presents a dynamic lock screen, and apps such as Multi Window, Ultra Power Saving Mode, Download Booster, S Health 3.5 and Briefing app. The S Pen is hugely improved from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and it features the Air Command function that has features such as Action Memo, Screen Write, Image Clip, Smart Select, S Note, Snap Note, Direct Pen Input.

There’s the fingerprint scanner with improved functions, and the heart rate sensor for S Health as well for functioning as a camera shutter for capturing pictures. The battery on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has a capacity of 3000 mAh, a little lesser than that in Note 4 (3220 mAh), but the features such as Fast Charging (Adaptive Fast Charging & QC2.0) are included in this device as well.

Much more interesting than the Note 4 because of curving of display on one side, the Note Edge becomes one of the first devices to come up with such a display.

Chetan Bhawani

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  • SurajHodi

    Nice Touch to have side panel
    But Still PRICE for Indian market too HIGH.

    • That is just the expected pricing, and this probably won’t reach the Indian market at all.

    • Android

      The price outside the indian market is also still very high. Currently it is only available in Korea!!

    • yes its inded an expensive device and thats what is being paid for the curvature. Its changed my mind entirely and im a huge fan of its innovative capabilities If xda devs can get their hands on the edge and sdks they can work some serious magic!

  • Jugal Mudoi

    this is another revolutionary device from Samsung..but probably the sad part is its unavailability in Indian market

    • Android

      Not only the indian market. Its the whole WORLD. Right now it is only available in Korea and wont be coming out for a long time. Hoping it could come to around the world so then i could finally see what it looks like first hand!!

    • ITS only being retailed in its original home of korea but so many reviewers get their hands on it and get to test it out. Im so envious its a job i hope to have someday!!

  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    This shines its success as yesterday i visited chrome to see it.

    • Android

      really i know its amazing!!

    • i hope you enjoyed it, its such an amazing device edge or note 4, I LOVE EM BOTH!!!

  • Not a fan of this design. For the few people like me that are more comfortable holding big phones with one hand, this is not needed, and may even become a problem.

    • Android

      I am sure people can work there way around it but some people just cant take it. I am a fan of the design because it offers an innovation which Samsung has perfected. I am sure its worth the curve

    • The curve will really be a boom or bust feature for it. Its great that samsung is coming up with great innovations and how this one is received will be the big question. For the price it costs to add a curve i certainly hope its worth it and that its no an intrusive feature but one that can improve functionality!

  • Joshua Akinsola


  • Well looking back to this day before release I wondered If the curve would be a beneficial design and not come off as invasive. Today the design becomes a separate screen included to aidnin multitasking. And when developers get their hands on this, magic truly can happen

  • Suraj Racharla

    OMG theres so much i could talk about this device. When i first found out that Samsung is releasing a device with a curve on it, I was so surprised and so excited to see what it would look like and how would it feel in my hands. The curve in the phone attracts many people like me and probably every single person in the world!! I have come to find out that the curve has many reasons why it is there. First off it is a marketing strategy to attract people and show what Samsung can do and what technologys they have. Second off the curve is meant to make your life easier. With the curve you are able to reach camera toggles faster and also reach many camera shortcuts. With the curve you can also get notifications without having your whole device to turn on and you get a look at your notifications without having to open your case. Also with the curve you can video record without having to go into the app and go straight to specific apps with the controls on the curve. but there are stills some flaws like how would you hold the device if it was curved and i also noticed that OIS was missing in the edge and thats something really important if you are a samera freak. The curve in the device is honestly a great way to promote Samsung and their line of devices. Imagine all the things you can do with the curve on the side on your phone. i am expecting Samsung to implement more things into the curve and delevelopers if you got your hand on one of these bad boys there is an infinte amount of ideas you can get from the curve!!

  • Wow months ago it was expected that the Edge wouldnt make it to the Indian market. Samsung has surprised us with this news update! A 1000$ phone is nothing to scoff at!! The technology is there and made even better with a curved edge display that comes packed with great multitasking functionality, but the technology was also there with the note 4 at just 750. That is why comparatively the note 4 comes out on top even without the edge display. It is such a superior device I feel it never needed the edge especially at such a high markup. But still the Edge is still an exhilarating device

  • Jugal Mudoi

    Better late than never, it has taken few times to reach in Indian land but that’s really great after all it is launched and considerably at a cheaper price than what earlier was expected. This is a great device and it has changed the definition of phone display. I think this phone could make a tremendous impact among the Indian consumers and also it would change the user experience and I hope this edge display idea will be a cogitative topic with further implementation in future.

  • Shanky Yadav

    Woo woo wooo Hh really 71000 RS ahhhh its taking my heat away from my chest I can’t believe that it is priced approx 70k na na na I am not going to think of it as people like me have to remove it from our dreams maybe its the best smartphone but only for little more pixels and a curved display its taking 70k. It’s like taking our head into the lion mouth. And let’s talk about its other features which are just same as Samsung Galaxy note 4. So I am happy with Note 4 so o chose Note 4 instead of wasting my money on Note 4 edge . But with this innovation Samsung is going to be a part to revolutionary change on the path of Smartphone. Samsung with day by day more innovations making their smartphones more smart than smart.. So this can’t be neglect ..

  • thebrain

    Honestly it’s expensive, but when I look at the price of a 16GB Iphone 6+ (809 Euro) and has nothing innovative, compared to a 32GB Note Edge ( 837.86 Euro ) , which is for me, the most innovative smartphone for a long time and have the same qualities as the Note 4 (a very gorgeous screen, great camera, good battery life and especially the Spen ) , with his particular curving screen that arouses curiosity just by talking, I find the price pretty good.

    • Most flagships when compared to Iphones are honestly better deals because they are stronger than iphones. Unfortunately Apple has a large core audience that is gripped by their releases and they will basically pay more for less. So this is definitely better but when I compare it with the Note 4 I’m not so sure

  • The Note edge become the first smartphone having curved display which means its the first with this type of screen in this whole world but still its not popular as note 4 . The innovators and makers behind this are highly appritiated that they built a smartphone which becomes worlds first smartphone having this type of screen .

  • vivek ganeriwal

    New beauty in the country welcome

  • VeganAria

    I’m so disappointed. I want this phone, yet Verizon/Samsung are failing us in the US!!! Will we EVER get it here? I compared it to the Note 4, and yes…I think it’s worth the extra cash, but by the time we Verizon customers get it, there better be a discount!

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    Price is still less than iphone 6+ . Also ege is better phn too . so basically better phn than iphone in every aspect ( it makes me happy ) 🙂

  • Shanky Yadav

    the entire side of the phone is rounded off to accommodate this design change. The metal band that surrounds the sides of the Note Edge swoops down and around the curved portion of the display, providing a small lip at the edge of the screen that isn’t present on the flat side. Samsung says this helps cut down on accidental touches and swipes of what it calls the “edge screen.”( I think )