Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note Edge – What should you buy? Detailed Comparison

by Chetan Bhawani 13

Galaxy Note 4 vs Note Edge Comparison

The Note series has seriously paid off well for Samsung, ever since the Galaxy Note was launched. Taking that ahead, Samsung took a step to come up with a variant, alongside the successor to the Galaxy Note 3. Thus, during IFA 2014 in Berlin, there were two Galaxy Note phablets launched – the Galaxy Note 4, and the Galaxy Note Edge. There are many similarities between the two devices, but one feature sets them apart – the curved screen on the Note Edge.

We have spent considerable amount of time with both the devices together, to check how they differ, and if you as a buyer are confused which one to end up with, here’s our review of both the devices together, and checking the differences you can understand which one suits your needs.

What specs are the same on both devices

  • Same internal powering in both the devices: Snapdragon 805 processor (2.7 GHz quad-core) with 3GB RAM
  • Both coming in 32GB and 64GB internal storage options and expandable with MicroSD (up to 64GB)
  • Both have the OS version: Android 4.4.4 KitKat with TouchWiz UI
  • The camera combination is kept the same: 16-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a 3.7-megapixel front camera
  • Heart rate sensor, Finger scanner and IR Blaster
  • Connectivity options: 11ac Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth GPS, Bluetooth 4.1, MHL 3.0, a UV sensor and 4G LTE Cat 6

Galaxy Note Edge vs Galaxy Note 4 Specs Comparison

How do the Note 4 and Note Edge differ

First off, the most important one – display. It’s the QHD display with 2560×1440 pixels screen resolution for both, but the Note 4 comes with a standard Super AMOLED display, while the one on the Note Edge comes with the extra 160 pixels of width due to the curved extra screen on the right side. This extra screen, which Samsung calls as the “Edge Screen” has a content totally different from what you see on the primary large screen. You get to see notifications, app icons, few options, S Health widget and other options and these can be accessed from any app, or even from the lock screen.

Design – The Note 4 still is comfortable to hold even though it has a 5.7-inch display, but the Note Edge with the extra curved screen on the side, is wider and not really comfortable. We’d explain about this further down below.

Battery – No big difference but still a noticeable one, as the Note 4 has a 3220 mAh battery while the Note Edge comes with a 3000 mAh battery capacity.

Camera Comparison – Note 4 vs Note Edge

The two phablets come with the same cameras on the front and back. And the capture quality too is almost the same, but for my personal view, the pictures taken on the Note 4 looked more natural and color reproduction felt a little better on that, when compared to the ones on Note Edge.

On the software side, Samsung has made quite a lot of changes to the camera app interface in the Galaxy Note Edge, so that the edge screen is taken advantage of, by giving the options and shutter button on appropriate places based on the orientation of the screen. When the Note Edge is held in landscape mode, the shutter button is given on the right top corner, on the edge screen. And in portrait mode, it again is on the edge screen but towards the center of it.

In the following pictures, you’ll be able to decide which is capturing better pictures, and we have divided them separately so you can have a closer look to check.

How does the Galaxy Note 4 win?

Talking about the practical use, the Galaxy Note 4 still holds an advantage over the Note Edge, for quite a few reasons. First, the Note 4 is the actual upgrade from Note 3 with the power-packed features, the gorgeous QHD display with bright colors, excellent internal specs and the very much improved S Pen.

But isn’t all this available even in the Note Edge? It indeed is, but you expect large phones to have buttons at particular places like you have always been seeing them. For example, the power button on the Samsung smartphones usually is on the right frame, but in the Note Edge, it is pushed to the top and is always hard to reach there to lock/unlock the screen.

Note 4 on the software side hasn’t seen anything less when compared to the Note Edge, as you can still play around with the multitasking and S Pen features, keeping you in the “traditional smartphone” loop if you have been a Samsung Note user already.

The unnecessary touches that happen on the Note Edge when you are trying to lift the phone from a flat surface when the screen is turned on, are limited to only this device as the Note 4 is still a standard smartphone with bezel and proper frame on all sides of the screen. And because the side has no proper frame in the Note Edge, the sharp metallic line that marks the end of the curved screen gets a little slippery and you don’t really feel comfortable holding the Note Edge in the hand.

Not to forget, there is always a fear of this device getting cracked more easily on the front because although we are assured that the screen protection it has got will be enough to keep the problems away, the device seems easily prone to scratches or cracks, and would you love taking that extra risk and spend over $700 for the Note Edge?

Moreover, the Note series has been famous for its S Pen and the extra functions and user experience you get with it. The S Pen on Note Edge is no different, and you can take the full advantage of it on the flat screen, but towards the Edge screen on the side, the S Pen slips either up or down when trying to drag the panel from the top or from the bottom. Not the worst experience, but not really good to use.

Finally, the price – in the U.S., the unlocked Galaxy Note Edge costs about $150 more than what you pay to get a Note 4. Would you really want to pay that much when there is nothing different than the Edge screen? that too, after already getting into the category of $700+ smartphones?

Samsung has tweaked a few apps, especially the camera one with some shifts of the buttons and such, which does make it easier to capture the pictures, but at the same time it accidentally clicks pictures as the button is on the corner and you tend to hold the device at that particular point, until you start getting adjusted to it.

Samsung made a blunder with the orientation, where although they gave a 180-degree rotation option for left handed users, it looks real bad and the engineering is all done mainly for the right handed users.

How is the Galaxy Note Edge better?

Most importantly – this is Samsung! A brand that was always known to do nothing special, out of the box stuff. The Note series was the best they had come up with, but with Note Edge, those barriers are broken and Samsung has done something really cool. Although this doesn’t solve much practical purpose as said above, a smartphone with a curved screen extending from the front is something you have never seen on any other device.

You can show off, and you can actually boast about the device you are holding in your hand because even the Note 4 doesn’t look this beautiful. The screen is turned off, but the edge screen shows the time and weather, changing colors based on the time. It does attract some onlookers and many would be curious to know what device is this.

Although Samsung has given some settings to help you change what to show on the edge screen, it is not really evolved, and these are just a few software tweaks done by the company. But that doesn’t mean you should be disappointed with this. The Edge is still new, and it is just a matter of time before developers hop on and get going with some more tweaks and make the Edge screen look classy and useful.

The few shortcuts and options that are included in the Edge panels, are actually useful for daily usage. For example, you don’t really have to start searching for the Clock app to start a stopwatch, or have a separate app for flashlight, because all these are available as direct options on the edge screen.

So, what should I choose? Note 4 or Note Edge!

From my personal point of view, I would stick to the basics and traditional choices, thus Note 4 seems to be a better option, but there are reasons for me to back this:

  • No big reason other than the confusing edge screen to pay $150 extra
  • Not easy to get adjusted to that very thin and sharp frame on the side, and there is a risk of this phone slipping down

The Note Edge isn’t a bad product at all, and Samsung hasn’t made something as a prototype to test. It is a perfectly made handset with all proper functionality but there is no real reason why early adopters should jump the line and ignore the Note 4 to get the Edge.

We are pretty sure not many would want a device just to show off, and thus the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be an ideal choice to end up with, and we are happy to even call the Note 4 as one of the best smartphones / phablets of the year 2014, while push the Note Edge into the Niche category rather than keeping it in the standard list of devices. You know the reasons for that!

Chetan Bhawani

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  • Shanky Yadav

    Well it was known that note 4 is the winner and see what this comparison also says the same. Presently no one is going to beat this and what note 4. Camera comparison its the best a man can get Samsung getting its more consentration on camera and build quality and also better to hold than edge but edge get its badget on pixels ha ha how ?? It has 160 more pixels than note 4 I think its the part where edge leads .. But who cares we get the super amoled display on note 4 which is best of Samsung and still leads everywhere.. Also the edge is made of right handers what about others?? Ahh bad .. Now except pixels and a little built quality makes the note edge on top but these two is not what on people rely so that’s why note 4 wins… Also from my opinion the edge looks a little odd..

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    WOW what a comparison!!! another great one from PR . Although i cannot afford to buy either of these two insanely awesome phones but it feels good to know various things about them.salute to @ChetanBhawani:disqus . 🙂

  • Both phones have done so well but me being me I would just stick with the note 4. It is the basis of normal and it’s normality is one of the best devices ever made. Its bigger and has a better battery than the edge. And its for those who don’t need to fork over extra money for the edge display. The turnout and appeal of the edge curvature is still unknown-it can be the best thing ever made or the worst thing ever made. It is an incredible innovation but I’m not a wealthy person and I don’t have to pay more for it when I can’t get the super powerful basis of normal. The note 4 is my dream phone and I guess the edge is like the super sidekick to it. Thanks Chetan for the superior in depth comparison I definitely know which one I prefer! And nice touch bolding keywords, it really helps sorting the key aspects of the comparisons!

  • Shashank Chourey

    TBH, I would also choose Note 4 over the Edge anyday. And thanks a lot PhoneRadar. At least you people post unbiased opinions. I understand the edge screen has some advantages. But for an extra $150, not worth it. I’d go for Apple products if I wish to show off. The design of Note 4 is impeccable. And with Note Edge owners will live in constant fear of breaking the device. Plus all the covers or cases available right now, would conceal the Edge screen, thereby defeating its purpose. Even if you set aside the price factor, Note Edge is really uncomfortable to hold and work with. Once again thanks a lot. Your valuable results clearly tells us how much time you’ve spend comparing both the devices. I’m not against the Note Edge, it’s a beautiful device with powerful specs. But one would not consider buying it when there’s a cheaper alternative available for same exact specs (by the same brand). 🙂

  • Suraj Racharla

    These 2 phonea are considered and are the best phones of the year and no doubt it is the most innovative. The Samsung galaxy note edge is shear innovation and just a taste of what Samsung will show us in the years to come. The edge is definitely not the worst thing and the taste of future. Samsung has proven themselves to stay in the game for the years to come. The Samsung galaxy note 4 is also amazing and the best consumer friendly phone you can buy on the market today. This comparison is great because it really shows which one is more valuable and eventhough the note edge is more expensive in my opinion i still think it would be better to buy the Note 4 for some resons. First the edge is great looking and aesthtically amazing but how excaty do you hold the phone. i cant wait for the second generation of this phone because it will be ground breaking. Great review not only by Chetan by all the people who made this possible. Great comparison and looking forward to a comparison for the galaxy note4 and the iphone 6 plus. Two Big Worlds CLASH!!!!

  • Suraj Racharla

    i know right its amazing. Iwas really looking forward tio this one and in the future i wanna see more comparisons. Maybe at the end of the year include all the devices and do a short comparison!!

  • Suraj Racharla

    But Super Amoled is also on the nOte edge. Honetly what is all the specs were the same along with resolution and all you got was the extra edge and the same price. Which one would you pick then?

    • Shanky Yadav

      Well I will also see which is comfortable for me so its clear Note 4

  • thebrain

    Both smartphones are excellent, the Note 4 is in continuity with strong features that are the best on the market ; the Note Edge is itself a technological evolution, a technical feat that is truly amazing, and that is supposed to shake some of our habits, while having the best features that you can have in a smartphone today.

    Personally if I had lots of money, I would take the Edge rating just because of its curved screen. It is unique and brings little new to the world of smartphones. That said, from a purely practical point of view , the Note 4 is the best choice.

  • Well there is nothing left for me to wright except of saying that if you want the real review visit @phoneradarblog and how does here Note 4 wins ?? There is a whole review above so you can get your views on it also but don’t forget to like , share and tweet if you like.. This is what always provided by phoneradar ( Mr.Chetan bhawani, Mr. Amit bhawani) doing a great job side by.

  • vivek ganeriwal

    I will pick note 4 over the edge beacuse note 4 gets edge in every is easy to use in one hand but samsung gets one step ahead in innovation in future we can see more innovation with this edge.ofcourse samsung have to pay some dedication.

  • diveek

    Edge Functionality of Note 4 Edge is better than s6 Edge