Samsung dealt with 26 Fake Reports of Note 7 Explosions who wanted Free Phones

by Karthik Iyer 4

After the first explosion of the defective battery in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet, multiple reports started popping up. It has been reported that a total of 96 cases of the explosion have been reported till now. But Samsung is stating they had exactly 26 false reports of customers complaining of their Galaxy Note 7 catching fire. Well, that’s not surprising given the fact that there were back to back reports and definitely many would try to take advantage of this.

According to Samsung’s reports, customers in the US reported nine false cases, whereas the in the home country i.e. in South Korea a total of 3 were reported. Besides, three cases were reported in France and soon after reports of the fake explosion started coming in from the UK, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, Croatia, Romania, Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE, and the Czech Republic. All these cases were attended by the company, and it was found that nothing was wrong with 12 of these devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Timeline from Launch to Explosions to the $1 Billion Recall

And out of the remaining ones, seven customers could not be reached, and other seven had consumers canceling their false claim. A few of them also tried to claim a refund or a new smartphone either by showing a picture of a burnt Note 7 they found online or by saying that they threw away the device and don’t have any proofs to show. Looking at all this, we can now understand how difficult it would have been for the company to deal with the whole recall process.

With that being said, we should definitely appreciate the efforts that the company took by calling for a global recall of the device. Not only they had it incurred a loss of over a billion dollars, but also had them go through all these difficulties. Anyway, we are glad that the whole issue is resolved now and the company is now shipping ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 across the global markets. Do make a note to look out for the black square or the ‘blue’ S on the box, along with the green color battery indicator.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Karthik

    There will always be someone to exploit! Had to feel for the company.Good that everything has been sorted out now and they started shipping the new units!

  • chiragkapuriya

    very bad, people should not cheat this way.

  • I really appreciate Samsung for taking this bold step and coming out with a solution…
    But as always there are people who are just ready to exploit any loop holes they can find…..

  • Samsung must be relieved after sorting out most of the issues!!