Reliance Jio 4G SIM has 120GB Monthly FUP, daily 4GB usage Limit under Welcome Offer

by PhoneRadar Bureau 15

We saw big reveals at the Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited, which is the parent company of Reliance Jio Infocom Limited. As we all know that company announced it’s launch of Free Welcome Offer from September 5th to December 31st, 2016. Mukesh Ambani set the stage on fire with the offering of unlimited free 4G data, voice, SMS and Jio premium apps announcement.

Despite being touted as the best offer yet for Indians in the telecom history, there are some points that you should know about the Jio Welcome Offer. Users who were thinking to go on download spree should be at least worried about the daily usage limit that Jio has implemented on each subscribers signing up for their service under this Welcome Offer.

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To counter the misuse and over usage of bandwidth, the company has implemented a daily FUP in their unlimited data usage scheme for Jio user who would be signing up at Jio stores starting coming Monday. Compared to the Preview Offer that many were using before the announcement of Welcome Offer, as they were able to enjoy truly unlimited data access at 4G speeds.

The new offer seems to be injustice compared to Preview Offer, but seeing from the company’s perspective, it was bound to happen as offering truly unlimited data for potential 100 million users would take quite a toll on system servers.

If you are concerned whether you would be able to access the data after 4GB limit is exhausted, well, you don’t have to. Though, there is a catch to it. You would be able to access the internet after the daily 4GB limit is finished but at 128 kbps speed, which set you back to the era of a dial-up connection. Well, it would be technically double than that, i.e., 56 kbps. So, you should not worry about it much.

Additionally, there is no relationship between data and voice regarding usage limit. Since calls on Jio network are made on LTE, which makes it use data packets only to connect calls to the other or similar network. Though, do make a note that one month limit comes out to be 120GB. By mathematics it may be true, but by reasoning, it isn’t as the data usage restriction is by per day but not a month.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided by JIO on their digital platforms. We shall not be held responsible for it being false.

  • Nebu Cherian

    Under welcome offer 4gb cap in data is never a bad thing, and also 120gb monthly…whoa!!! I wonder how many would exhaust that much under normal circumstances.


      It is 120 GB or 124 GB man. Fr where did 128 GB come from?.

      • Nebu Cherian

        Excuse me, that was a typo error.

        • SUDHAKAR

          What about October?. It has 31 days. Then will it be 120 / 31?. Lol.

          • Nebu Cherian

            I didn’t get you! what are you trying to tell me ?

          • SUDHAKAR

            What will you do in October if you use 4GB daily?. The you have to browse at 128 Kbps for full day on 31st October because 120 GB would get over on 30th October. Lol.

          • Nebu Cherian

            Oh! I did understand, btw who would use 4GB daily and it’s only 28days. Jio validity is only for 28 days!!!

  • deepak joshi

    Is this 4gb limit also for sim issued before 5th Sept under preview offer

    • Ted Sh

      The official Jio site says that existing preview users will be automatically migrated to Welcome Preview. You got just 2 more days. Download as much as you can. After 2 days, its just 4 GB per day. Meanwhile, I am shifting to BSNL with 1099 truly unlimited plan, though you have to pay 1099, but my monthly usage generally exceeds 250 GB per month, with highest @ 762 GB last month.

      • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

        Can you tell me that how much download and upload speeds do you get? Can we share emails about more info? (If you can share screenshot that’d be great)

  • 4GB is enough in a day! 🙂

  • chiragkapuriya

    If you want to use as daily normal internet usage then this is more then enough and if you want to abuse internet/network then monthly 500gb will be less for anybody! Depends on your usage but this is more then enough i think! What say ?

  • Manish Rathod

    dear sir i buy jio card on offer code,from store i received card,on card no mobile number,but sim number is given,after three days i have no info now how can i know status of my card?

  • Mr_NiceGuy101

    Going by the welcome offer, which has 4gb daily limit, is it possible that the Rs 499 plan offered by them is also a 4gb daily limit plan and not monthly limit plan? The current free offer is like an ocean as compared to the measly drop of water that will be applicable from 1st Jan. I don’t think they would allow such a huge difference between free/welcome offer and actual plans.

  • AshRocksTheHell

    When does the daily limit reset.
    I used 4 GB of my limit on the 1st day yesterday and today it’s 7 AM the and I am still getting 10kbps on speedtest.