Phone Radar Weekly Giveaway – Win a UMI Iron SmartPhone

by PhoneRadar Bureau 27

UMI Iron Giveaway PhoneRadar

Remember the Super strong UMI Hammer Smartphone that we did a Extreme Durability Test months back? We are back with a Giveaway of its latest version that is the UMI Iron. A phone that’s not guaranteed to survive all the drops but at least can give you some peace since its a phone built with a strong body.

As usual we have very less amount of rules, simple way to join the Giveaway and win the prizes. Do make a note that you can always refer your friends to join these Giveaway’s and earn points that could help you get more entries.

PhoneRadar Week #3 Smart Phone Giveaway

Note: To get started you need to remember that the giveaway’s will start Every Monday & end on Sunday’s. We are the most active on Twitter @PhoneRadarBlog hence, you need to follow there to know more about the upcoming Announcements & winner names.

  • Pulkit Jain

    Mobile definitely seems tough!!!
    All d bst to all!!!!!

    • Arun

      Congrats Man.. for Wining Past Giveaways

      • Pulkit Jain

        Thanks dude!!

  • gajendra singh

    Really the phone looks awesome !! Thanks for this super #Giveaway ??

  • Hrithik Srivastava

    Nice one Amit !!!


    Thanks for bringing back the weekly Giveaway!

  • Eub Tani

    Wish to win..

  • Ricardo

    i love to win this phone! thanks for this opportunity!

  • Asħwıŋ Parmar

    love to win this time..!!!

  • swapnil w

    love to win

  • Uttarwar Anoop

    Robust !

  • Daniel Donaldson

    come on baby

  • Garry Gill

    I want it.Please give me.

  • May the best person win!!!!!

    • Chemy

      Thanks! I hope to win too hahaha

    • Krunal G

      Not best but luckiest person will win 🙂

  • gajendra singh

    Awesome giveaway really this phone is a beauty with super specs

  • Anuj Poddar

    Finger crossed again for this 3rd #MegaGiveaway

  • Imran Khan

    only 7 entry …hopefull we win ..

  • Ajay Kumar Sahoo

    who is the winner UMI Iron Smartphone

    • Krunal G

      Still not announced, hope they’ll announce in few days. 🙂 Finger Crossed 🙂

    • Pulkit Jain

      Follow them on twitter and facebook.
      They generally give all their updates on their social network platforms.


    Please announce the winner!

  • Pulkit Jain

    Is Jitendra V the winner?
    If yes,congrats buddy!!!

  • diveek

    said to realize the person who has won doesnt know that he won

    • nirav patel

      He knows! Btw, do we get notified by mail if we win?

  • nirav patel

    Congrats my Fb friend Jitendra ! I have heard from him that he is facing hard time in getting the phone. PhoneRadar is coming up with new excuses everyday when he is contacting them. Hope you get the phone buddy!?